Wazirx clone script

Utilize our specialized WazirX Clone Script to enter the crypto exchange market. With Dappfort wazirx clone script you can develop your own cryptocurrency exchange similar to wazirX with enhanced security features and add-ons.


Build a world-class crypto exchange platform with wazirx clone script

WazirX clone script is on of the top-tier P2P crypto exchange platform. In Dappfort wazirx clone script services we have included many cryptos like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc. The clone script includes all of the features found in an existing exchange in addition to the newest trading features. Using our script, you can quickly launch a fully functional cryptocurrency trading platform based on your business ideas. The stunning user interface of our ready made Wazirx clone software helps in drawing certain users.

Versatile add-on features used to build a wazirx clone application

As one of the best wazirx clone script development company, we focus on including the best features in the clone script.


Spot trading

One of the best features of our clone software is spot trading. By posting buy/sell orders that are matched by the lightning-fast matching engine, the buyer and seller can conduct instant cryptocurrency trading securely.


Escrow Integration

We incorporate the Escrow service into our software, allowing your users to transact in cryptocurrency in a secure manner. Cryptographic transactions based on escrow will make peer-to-peer exchange secure.


cryptocurrencies support

The exchange software supports a variety of digital assets for trading and has supported the most popular crypto trading pairs, making it easy for your users to exchange their desired crypto.


Speedy transactions

It is entirely feasible to have a lightning-fast transaction speed, which will cut down on the time it takes for your users to transact from fiat to crypto or vice versa is one of the main features included in our services.


Online Trading

The software we provide supports p2p trading with an escrow system, allowing your users to conduct transactions in a secure and safe manner. With your preferred payment methods and pertinent buy/sell advertisements, you can trade both online and offline.


trading options

You can create a wazirx clone application with updated programming and features, our WazirX clone script enables your users to trade on a variety of options like spot trading, margin trading, and more.


Empowering businesses with wazirx clone app development

To meet the rising demand for cryptocurrencies, a white label wazirX clone app with seamless cryptocurrency transactions. As a leading wazirx clone script development company we provide a multi-currency wallet, real-time market charts, user-friendly trade options, and many other unique features in our award-winning Wazirx clone app. In light of this, Dappfort provides top-notch wazirX clone app development services by enabling cutting-edge trading features. You can create and publish a stunning exchange with our wazirx clone script development solutions. Without experiencing any technical difficulties, both the Android and iOS apps will be supported by our premium WazirX clone app. Additionally, it will provide your users with the best trading experience, allowing you to build a sizable cryptocurrency user base on your platform. You can customize features to meet your business needs, and our mobile application will be quick, secure and free of bugs.

Impeccable security features in the wazirx clone software

Security is one of the main concerns that our app developers focus on. Build and launch one of the best Wazirx clone platform with the highest security features from a service provider


2 Factor authentication




Database encryption




HTTPS authentication


SQL injection prevention


Anti-phishing software


CSRF protection


Jail login



Business benefits of wazirx clone script development

You can develop wazirX clone script that gives significant advantages for your crypto exchange business's service and commercial aspects.



Launch a Wazirx clone website because it gives a lot of flexibility, so it is simple to adapt it to your precise business goals and ideas.


Very profitable

In the current crypto industry environment, you can develop a Wazirx clone software for your business and achieve high profitability.


Quick branding

When you create a WazirX it has all the updated features and options to give a very seamless cryptocurrency exchange service. Your brand becomes more visible soon after.


Security features

Wazrix, a cryptocurrency exchange platform, has vital governance features that guarantee all core security infrastructure for highly protected governance that is in the clone script as well.

Best admin and user features integrated into the wazirx clone apps

The wazirX clone script developed by a top clone script development service provider like Dappfort incorporates one of the best admin and user features.


Dashboard and analytics

Create a wazirX clone software where the admin offers many operations of the exchange, including trading volume, user registration, revenue and more.


User management

In Dappfort, wazirx clone script development services admins have control over user accounts, user profiles, KYC verification, and user-related issues.


Asset management

Administrators have control over how cryptocurrencies and tokens are listed. They can set trading fees and add, remove or modify trading pairs when they build a wazirx clone app.


KYC/AML compliance

Launch a wazirx clone script, which guarantees compliance with the rules. By doing this, traders are better protected against fraud and other shady practices.


Security settings

Admins have the ability to set security parameters like IP whitelisting, two-factor authentication (2FA), and withdrawal whitelisting which is offered as a solution provider.


Liquidity management

As a wazirx clone script development company, we give admin to control the liquidity of trading pairs to make sure that there is sufficient liquidity to support trading activities.

Working process of wazirx clone software

The WazirX clone script has almost the same wok flow as the original cryptocurrency exchange platform. As a leading wazirx clone script development company we have made it easy & simple.

Sign Up

The user can create an account on the WazirX clone website by providing their email address, password, and mobile number.


KYC Verification

In order to trade cryptocurrencies, a user must verify their KYC by submitting documents like government-approved proofs in the waziX clone application.


Deposit funds

The user can deposit funds using one of the many available payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, wallets, bank transfers, UPI, etc in the wazrx clone app


Choose cryptos

After depositing the funds, the user can choose the cryptocurrencies they want to purchase from a list that is made available on the platform.


crypto exchange

The user may select from a list of every exchange that is feasible for a particular cryptocurrency. After that, the trade will be carried out by our automated system in a matter of seconds.


Withdraw funds

Finally they can withdraw money whenever they want by choosing from a list of withdrawal options, including bank transfers, debit/credit cards, wallets, UPI, and more.

Build wazirx clone script on platform/ device

Accessibility of wazirX clone is very important, any wazirx clone script development solution provider will offer to create the clone on any platform or device

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Why choose Dappfort’s wazirx clone script?

In the Blockchain industry, Dappfort is a reliable and skilled wazirX clone script development company. We are one of the pioneers in developing ready made cryptocurrency exchange scripts for all well-known crypto exchanges that are appropriate for business growth in the blockchain industry. The features of the whitelabel wazirX clone app can be changed or added in accordance with your requirements in order to meet the particular requirements of your business. By utilizing our state-of-the-art technology stack and tools, we help you launch your cryptocurrency exchange. Our devoted wazirX clone software developers can help you create a dependable and secure application.


Agile development process


Customizable solutions


Blockchain experts


On-time deployment


Quality assurance


Round-the-clock support

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WazirX clone script?

The WazirX clone software, is a ready-made cryptocurrency exchange that allows crypto startups and business owners to create a cryptocurrency exchange similar to WazirX. It includes all the security features and features of WazirX, the first cryptocurrency exchange.

Can the Wazirx Clone Script be modified?

Yes, of course! We precisely adapt the script based on your unique business needs and market trends. not to worry!

How can I make money with Wazirx clone software development?

You can earn money through commissions, transaction fees, promotion fees, third-party ads, etc. which generate revenue.

Why choose Dappfort wazirX clone script?

Dappfort, a market solution provider of cryptocurrency exchange scripts, has been outstanding in providing wazirX clone software with the best features and security options available on the market at reasonable prices. For the development of your WazirX-like cryptocurrency exchange, we provide end-to-end customization support.

What are the advantages of developing a cryptocurrency exchange like WazirX?

A few advantages of setting up an exchange include supporting multiple cryptocurrencies, providing excellent trading services, having a top-notch user interface, having strong security features, and earning money in multiple streams.