Coinpayments clone script

Empower your business with a coinpayments clone script development company, which is one of the powerful cryptocurrency payment gateway solution that makes transactions easier, increases security, and expands the potential of crypto commerce.


Elevate your crypto payment business with a coinpayments clone script

Build one of the best coinpayments clone script to enjoy unrivaled growth in your cryptocurrency payment business. Dappfort clone software developers create simplified transactions and broaden your reach in the constantly changing cryptocurrency landscape. You can succeed to new heights by choosing one of the best coinpayments clone script development company.

Exclusive add-on features used to create a coinpayments clone script

A coinpayments clone script's add-on features can improve the platform's usability and functionality as a cryptocurrency payment gateway. The following are some typical extra features that can be added or even customized.


Merchant services

Provide tools and integrations so that businesses can accept cryptocurrency payments at their brick-and-mortar locations or on their websites


Staking and earning

Launch a coinpayments clone app and include yield farming and staking features to let users profit passively from their cryptocurrency investments.


Lending and borrowing

You can create a coinpayments clone application and add features that allow users to lend or borrow assets or their cryptocurrencies.


Enhanced trading

This is another important feature to include in cryptocurrency exchange with limit orders, stop-loss protection, and candlestick charts.


P2P marketplace

Develop a coinpayments clone software and create a P2P marketplace features where users can transact directly in cryptocurrencies.


Custom tokens

Provide users with the ability to design their own tokens and start initial coin offerings (ICOs) directly from the platform.


Industry-centric coinpayments clone software development

Boost your company's performance with sector-specific coinpayments clone script development services, which include specialized cryptocurrency payment solutions. Our all-encompassing strategy combines state-of-the-art technology with a profound comprehension of the dynamics of your industry. As a result, you get a secure, scalable, and totally customizable payment gateway that perfectly matches your particular needs from our coinpayments clone software developers. Our solutions place a strong emphasis on features that are industry-specific, strong security measures, scalability, and innovation enabling companies from a range of industries to optimize transactions, cut costs, and gain a competitive edge in the rapidly changing digital economy. Integrate cryptocurrencies seamlessly into your business operations to fully utilize cryptocurrency payments. With the help of industry-specific coinpayments clone software development solution provider like Dappfort we are here to influence the future of the payments sector and offer white label coinpayments clone script solutions.

Unparallel security features used to create a coinpayments clone app

Cryptocurrency payment gateway, like a coinpayments clone script, we prioritize security. The following security features are frequently included in our coinpayments clone script.




Two-factor authentication


DDoS protection




Escrow services


Multi-signature wallets




Firewall protection





Business benefits of coinpayments clone script development

When you decide to develop a coinpayments clone software, it offers numerous benefits for your business. As a leading coinpayments clone script development service provider we give you full-fledged benefits.


Market entry

Businesses can take advantage of the rising demand for digital payments, it enables you to quickly enter the cryptocurrency payment gateway market.



You can launch a coinpayments clone platform in a very cost-effective way instead of developing from scratch can sometimes be more expensive and time-consuming.


Saving time

Build a coinpayments clone application that helps you launch your payment gateway earlier and seize market opportunities more quickly.


Global reach

As cryptocurrency has no geographical boundaries, you can increase your reach and cater to a global clientele with the help of a coinpayments clone script development agency.

Superior grade admin and user features used to develop a coinpayments clone application

Dappfort coinpayments clone script development solutions have been enhanced with top-notch admin and user features to provide a first-rate user and administrator experience.


Admin dashboard


User management


Security settings


KYC/AML compliance




Escrow services


Token management


Risk management


Liquidity management

Scalable coinpayment clone software working process

The working process of coinpayments clone script is very similar to that of the crypto transaction platform coinpayments. As a clone script development company we ensure that there is smooth development process.


Users start by signing up on the platform, filling out the necessary information, and, if necessary for security reasons, verifying
their identity.


Wallet creation

After the registration users can create cryptocurrency wallets for a variety of digital currencies after registering, providing a safe place to store their assets.


Funding wallets

By creating specific deposit addresses or scanning QR codes, users add cryptocurrency to their wallets, ensuring that their accounts have funds for transactions.


Transaction execution

Users enter the recipient’s wallet address, the payment or transfer amount, and any necessary transaction notes when making payments or transfers.

Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking

In the coinpayments clone apps, they can track the status of their transactions in real-time from the beginning to the confirmation stage and receive alerts when they are finished.


Account management

Users can change preferences, access account settings, security features, and transaction history.

Dappfort developers builds coinpayments clone script on any platform

Developers at Dappfort specialize in creating platform-independent coinpayments clone scripts, ensuring seamless integration across a variety of platforms for your convenience.

  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  • Desktop
  • Web
  • Web

Why choose coinpayments clone script development from Dappfort?

Partnering with a reputable innovator in cryptocurrency solutions like Dappfort one of the top coinpayments clone script development company our skilled team of software developers creates a secure, adaptable, and user-friendly payment gateway by fusing cutting-edge technology with in-depth sector knowledge. We put a priority on maintaining your brand identity while offering your company seamless integration and scalability. Dappfort coinpayment clone script development service provider includes tools to stay on top of the cryptocurrency landscape with a dedication to top-notch security, ongoing support, and affordable pricing.


Agile development process


Customizable clone script


On-time deployment


Round-the-clock support


Bank-grade security


Pocket-friendly solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add more cryptocurrencies after the script for the coinpayments clone has been created?

Yes, our coinpayments clone script development services can be customized. As new cryptocurrencies and tokens become available or as your company's needs change, we can integrate them.

Why choose the coinpayments clone script from Dappfort?

For your competitive advantage, as a leading coinpayments clone script development company we provide expert-level, secure, and scalable crypto payment solutions.

Is security a top concern when creating a coinpayments clone script?

To protect the assets and data of your users, we uphold industry-leading security standards in our coinpayments clone script.

Do you offer ongoing assistance and on-going support for the coinpayments clone script?

Yes, as a coinpayments clone script development service provider, we offer timely updates and post-development support to ensure efficient operation.

How long does it take to create a coinpayments clone script?

It varies for each business, according to the complexity of the project, and the timeline varies, but it always aims to deliver a high-quality result in a reasonable amount of time.