Remitano clone script

Create an escrow-powered P2P exchange like Remitano with Dappfort remitano clone script development services. Launch a remitano clone app with user-friendly features, a lightning-speed trading engine, and high liquidity to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.


Launch a P2P exchange with remitano clone software to upgrade your crypto business

Build a secure and reliable p2p platform with a Remitano clone script that allows your users to directly trade between buyers and sellers. Dappfort, software developers, use Blockchain technology to store transaction data in distributed ledgers. Utilize our white-label remitano clone script development services to develop an escrow-powered P2P exchange.

Standout features used to build a remitano clone script

To take your crypto venture to new heights, choose a top readymade remitano clone script development solution provider. Incorporate these features when you create a remitano clone software


Escrow trade

Develop a remitano clone apps with an escrow trade feature. A certain amount of cryptocurrency is transferred from the seller's wallet and held in escrow on Remitano's clone platform and used while trading. when you open a trade.


Enhanced chart tools

Our Remitano clone script includes charts that users can use to speculate on the price movements of cryptocurrencies and execute profitable trades. This gives your users a best experience for trading.


Advanced security

Launch a remitano clone application with high-grade security measures like email notification, 2-factor authentication, and escrow services are used to protect our remitano clone script. Our remitano clone app developers include all key security features.


Peer-to-Peer trading

When you create a P2P exchange with ready made Remitano clone script, it supports peer-to-peer (P2P) trading, adding an extra layer of security and allowing users to conduct transactions within a very secure ecosystem.


Wide fiat payment options

Dappfort, a leading remitano clone script development service provider offers a variety of payment methods including ADV Cash, Moneygram, Credit Cards, and International Wire Transfers.



This is another important feature included in remitano clone software. In just a few microseconds, a trader can now exchange their digital asset. There are no swap volume restrictions, and traders independently determine the swapping price.


Dominate the crypto market with remitano clone app development

Remitano clone app development at Dappfort will assist you to expand your P2P exchange business to mobile apps for iOS and Android. You can attract more users with our software developers that customize the clone script to make you ahead of others. One can buy, sell, store, and trade cryptocurrencies of any type. Our remitano clone script supports more than 30+ cryptocurrencies. Benefit from the binance clone software's seamless user interface, and sophisticated trading experience. You can develop a platform that promotes trust, makes peer-to-peer trading effective, and establishes your exchange as a market leader with the help of the Remitano clone script. Take advantage of the Remitano clone script's potential to boost your cryptocurrency exchange's success.

Multi-layered security features to create remitano clone script

At Dappfort, security is one of the main concerns when we build a remitano clone script. Some important security features are included in the remitano clone app


SSL encryption


2 Factor authentication


Escrow system


DDoS protection


HTTPS authentication


AML compliance


Browser detection security


Firewall protection


Cold wallet storage


End-to-end transactions

Business advantages of remitano clone app development

When businesses develop a P2P crypto exchange like remitano, they always expect to get the same benefits with the clone scripts as well. Our remitano clone script development solution.


Affordable alternative

In our remitano clone script, it is cost-effective, accessible, scalable, and affordable. We provide a practical, development solution that meets the needs of its intended audience without compromising on quality or functionality.



The whitelabel remitano clone software enables users to quickly and easily customize particular features of the software or other technological solutions. This enhances the user experience, promotes individuality, and ensures that the brand value is evident.


Multi-tested & flawless platform

To create a successful cryptocurrency exchange platform like Remitano, our development team follows numerous tested procedures. We work closely with professionals in quality assurance to quickly fix any flaws, ensuring that the platform performs as expected.


Swift platform development

The remitano clone platform development is very quick and you can launch your crypto business very soon with the help of our app developers. You won't need to spend more time or money with this clone script.


Source code access

Dappfort provides users with privacy, safety, customizability, collaboration, and educational opportunities for the Remitano clone application. By giving users more control over the software, we increase their confidence and enable them to personalize the solution.


Revenue generation

When you develop a remitano clone app for your business you can charge for trades, withdrawals, or listings, offer premium membership plans, and provide advertising space. Your brand and company's growth are continually fueled by this revenue.

Create a remitano clone software with prominent admin and user features

Remitano is a very popular P2P exchange platform. In our remitano clone software development, we have incorporated all the main admin and user features to give a better user experience.

User management

This is an admin feature, where you can manage user accounts in the admin panel, including account creation, verification, and suspension as needed.


Build a P2P exchange platform similar to remitano with an escrow system. You can keep the crypto of the seller in escrow until the buyer confirms receipt of the funds.

Trading pair management
Trading pair management

When you start a ready-made remitano clone script development, this feature will allow the admin to edit the list of trading pairs, add or remove cryptos, and set trading fees or limits.

Liquidity management

This is another important feature to include in the remitano clone software. The admin can control liquidity by integrating the platform to make sure that users have access to trade.


The admin panel supports the integration of external APIs, allowing connections with third-party services, liquidity providers, or other cryptocurrency exchanges.

Wallet management
Wallet management

The admin of the remitano clone apps has control over user wallets, creates new wallets, keeps track of balances, and resolves wallet-specific problems like deposits, and withdrawals.

How does remitano clone application work?

In order to enable peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading, Remitano clone applications typically adhere to a set of procedures. An overview of the typical process is provided below

User registration

The first step for users is to create an account and register on the remitano clone application. For verification purposes, they might also need to finish a KYC(Know Your Customer) process.


Deposit Funds

After logging in, users can add money to their platform wallet. Depending on the supported options, they can deposit fiat currency or transfer cryptocurrencies from outside wallets.


Placing buy/sell orders

Users can use the platform to browse the cryptocurrency listings that are available and place buy or sell orders. The trading pair, the amount they want to trade, and the price.


Escrow and order matching

The remitano clone app will match users' buy and sell orders. When a match is made, the app serves as a middleman, keeping the seller's cryptocurrency in escrow until the deal is finished.


Trade execution

Then the trade is executed after a buy order and sell order is matched. The buyer uses the offered payment method to send the payment to the seller, who then confirms receipt.



The last step is the deployment of the remitano clone application that transfers the cryptocurrency from the escrow account to the buyer’s wallet.

Dappfort develops remitano clone script on multiple platforms

Remitano clone software developers can customize the clone script and build it on any platform that is preferred by the business.

  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  • Desktop
  • Web
  • Web

Why choose Dappfort for remitano clone script development?

Dappfort is one of the renowned remitano clone script development company that offers white-label P2P crypto exchange scripts. Our remitano clone script development solutions have all the main features that attract global users. Utilize the ready made remitano clone software to upscale your crypto business. Dappfort dedication to excellence has been shown by our affordable prices, impressive portfolio, and client endorsements. Get started with remitano clone script development to generate significant profits with long-term solutions from us.


Technical proficiency


Agile development


Timely delivery




Quality assurance


Business-centric approch

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to launch a cryptocurrency exchange like remitano?

With the help of our incredible remitano clone script, you can quickly start a cryptocurrency exchange that functions similarly to Remitano. However, depending on your unique needs, this time frame might change.

Can I customize the remitano clone script?

Of course, Depending on your company's needs and market trends, we will deploy the customized script to you. Our remitano clone app developers will guide you.

Is it possible to build on Android and iOS remitano clone app?

Unquestionably possible! We create mobile P2P cryptocurrency exchange applications similar to the remitano app for both iOS and Android.

By developing a remitano clone script can I generate significant income?

The remitano clone script can generate a sizable ROI through trading commissions, ads, freemium fees, and other revenue streams because remitano is a successful ads-based cryptocurrency exchange platform.

How does the remitano clone work?

When compared to the remitano platform, the remitano clone functions almost identically. Both offer nearly identical trading features and options, with little difference.