Sandbox clone script

You can launch a Blockchain-based 3D game that is similar to Sandbox, using our Sandbox Clone Script. We can develop a customized sandbox clone script by incorporating various features and functionalities.


Build a decentralized gaming platform in metaverse with sandbox clone script

New entrepreneurs always favor the best method to launch their business in the metaverse space. Due to the high demand for blockchain-based gaming platforms and the metaverse, the first game that comes to mind when we think of metaverse and NFT games is Sandbox. Dappfort offers one of them with its jaw-dropping top-notch graphic modules that encourage an enlightening gaming experience included in the sandbox clone script. As a leading sandbox clone script development company we offer the best UI/UX along with other features.

Advanced features used to develop a sandbox clone app

Features are the key component to be defined carefully when looking for the best way to value your business boundaries. To provide a secure NFT Metaverse experience on your gaming platform, the Dappfort sandbox clone solution has the best one.


Vox edit

Sandbox clone script users can rig, animate and customize their voxel-based NFTs using the software called Vox Edit.



Digital lands in the Sandbox clone gaming platform, unlike real-world lands. The land is bought by players, who then make it their own by adding assets and games to it.


Built-in NFT marketplace

We build a sandbox clone script is compatible with the NFT marketplace which is similar to the one in the sandbox game. Voxel models can be bought, sold, and traded here by users


Game maker

This ground-breaking feature enables users to create their own Metaverse games using NFTs. The benefit of this is that no coding expertise is required to create virtual games.



Based on the ERC-1155 token standard, it is a token developed by gamers that can be traded on the NFT marketplace platform.


Voting rights

Users can cast votes in the sandbox game, which means that players can express their opinions on how the platform should develop by registering their votes.

Business benefits of sandbox clone script development

Entrepreneurs and developers looking to break into the virtual world and interactive content creation market may find that a Sandbox clone script, which replicates the functionalities of a well-known platform like Sandbox, has several business advantages.



It may be less expensive to develop it than to create a brand-new platform. This cost-effectiveness may result in a higher ROI by choosing a clone script.


Monetization opportunities

Similar to the original platform, there are a number of monetization opportunities available, including subscriptions, in-app purchases, and the sale of virtual goods.


Broad user base

A Sandbox clone script may draw a broad range of users, including educators, game developers, content creators, and artists.


Global reach

When you create a sandbox clone script it already has a global reach, enabling creators from around the world to use and contribute to the platform.

Dappfort developers build sandbox clone software on any platform/device

Every business requirement changes, so according to their business goals our sandbox clone app developers builds the clone software on their required platforms.

  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  • Desktop
  • Web
  • Web

Optimized sandbox clone script development process

We follow a very streamlined development process so that the end results is completely flawless and bug-free. As a sandbox clone script development company, we also offers customization.


Requirement Gathering











Why choose Dappfort’s sandbox clone script development services?

Dappfort is one of the reliable and secure sandbox clone script development company that offer top-notch, tried and tested technology. Our Sandbox clone software developers and help able to develop affordable solutions that are suited to our company's needs thanks to their experience and proficiency with cutting-edge technologies. Their clone scripts give us the chance to reduce the time and effort we spend creating our own web and mobile applications, increasing the productivity and competitiveness of our company. Businesses can relax knowing that their project is in capable hands because they also offer web hosting, security and customer support the right sandbox clone script service provider.


Agile development process


Customizable solutions


On-time deployment


Round-the-clock support


Blockchain experts


Quality assistance

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a sandbox clone script?

A sandbox clone script is a piece of software that is exactly same as the original one. It allows users to experiment or innovate without upsetting the established order.

Is Sandbox clone script secure?

We are a leading sandbox clone script solution provider we take all security when developing a sandbox clone script. This entails creating strong passwords and updating the script frequently to fix any potential security flaws.

What extra features can be included in a sandbox clone app?

To give users a more comprehensive experience, extra features can be added, including login authentication, payment gateways, analytics tools and more.

Does the sandbox clone script support multiple languages?

Yes, the Sandbox clone script has multi-language compatibility, allowing users to switch between languages as needed.

How much does it cost to create a sandbox clone script?

Depending on the complexity and nature of the project, there are many different ways to develop a sandbox clone script. Cost for design and coding, hosting licenses, data archiving, and software licenses are examples of typical expenses.