Uniswap clone script

Build a comprehensive decentralized platform using smart contracts in our reliable uniswap clone script with all the cutting-edge in-app feature and options, that allows users to exchange ERC20 tokens directly through web 3.0 wallets without having to worry about KYC or custody.


Launch an enhanced DeFi exchange with uniswap clone script

Launch a DeFi exchange with the help of a uniswap clone script development company like Dappfort. It is a decentralized platform for automated liquidity provision on Ethereum that functions similarly to uniswap can be developed with uniswap clone script. Dappfort’s Uniswap clone script is a 100% white label solution that implements functionalities through two smart contract protocols. It encourages 100% market making as well as effective swapping of the ERC20 native tokens as a leading uniswap clone script development service provider.

Premium add-on features used to create a uniswap clone script

Uniswap clone script's functionality and appeal is filled with premium add-on features. To provide your users with more value, you might want to implement the following premium add-on features offered by a uniswap clone script development agency.


Automated Market Maker (AMM)

Our uniswap clone script includes a liquidity-providing tool that enables users to automate trades using liquidity pools, doing away with the need for a traditional order book system.



Users can receive rewards for staking the LP tokens in the farms that are run by smart contracts when choosing a best uniswap clone script development solution provider.


Multi-wallet support

All well-known and custom wallets are integrated with our uniswap clone software to enable customers to complete trades without difficulty.


DeFi staking

Launch a clone script with built-in DeFi smart contracts where users can lock their tokens and receive additional tokens as rewards offered by uniswap clone script development services.



Check out the top pools, trading activity, token prices, and total transactions in a customized overview area. These analytics could aid users in making their platforms more user-friendly.



Create a uniswap clone application with this feature to earn a high income, users can stake their chosen tokens in the relevant token pools for a set period of time.


Business-centric scalable uniswap clone software development

Uniswap clone script development company Dappfort helps to make it simple for exclusive users to access the Ethereum-based DEX trading protocols with our uniswap clone script. The Uniswap Clone is an exact replica of Uniswap built on the Ethereum Blockchain. It replicates the core features of Uniswap and allows you to build a defi exchange that works similarly to Uniswap. To leverage the advantages of the Uniswap Decentralised Exchange Platform, which provides users and ethereum applications with guaranteed liquidity, create a uniswap clone. By connecting to their web3 wallets like Metamask, Trust wallet, Coinbase wallet, etc, our white label uniswap clone solution enables the user to trade ERC20 tokens without any issues. Make a defi exchange similar to Uniswap and assist your users in making money by offering liquidity. We implement a clear and transparent decentralized exchange development process, starting with the integration of the Exchange API, developing smart contracts, auditing them, and integrating affiliate and bug bounty programs. We have a great ear for your needs and are experts at producing better outcomes.

Exceptional security features used to develop a uniswap clone app

Our Uniswap clone script provides your platform with unparalleled security because it is built on one of the most secure Blockchain architectures.


Smart contract audits




Two-factor authentication




SSRF protection


Whitelist controls


End-to-end encryption


Contract based security




Secure wallet integration

Significant business benefits of uniswap clone script development

Numerous business advantages can be gained by creating a Uniswap clone script, particularly in the rapidly expanding decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. As a uniswap clone script development company we have highlighted all the benefits.


Early market entry

As decentralized exchanges continue to gain popularity, entering the DeFi market early will give you the opportunity to build your platform and gain a competitive edge.


Revenue generation

Create a uniswap clone app that includes trading fees, rewards for liquidity providers, and other monetization strategies, giving your company a reliable source of income.


Customization and branding

In Dappfort uniswap clone script development service provider we offer customization to the platform's look, feel, and branding to establish a distinctive presence in the marketplace.


Innovative features

Build a uniswap clone application with cutting-edge features that address problems with the current DeFi ecosystem, you can set your Uniswap clone apart from the competition.

Comprehensive admin and user features used to build a white label uniswap clone application

As a uniswap clone script development service provider we have developed a flawless uniswap clone script with top-notch features that are responsible for the defi platform's high quality and smooth operation.




User management


Token pair management


Risk management




User access management


Gas fee estimation


Liquidity pool control


Security settings

Effective and engaging working process of uniswap clone software

The workflow of the uniswap clone script is very similar to that of the DeFi exchange platform. Our uniswap clone app developers have created with the best user interface.

Platform registration

In the first step users fill out the necessary information during registration on the Uniswap clone platform.


Wallet connection

Users link their wallets to enable interactions with the Blockchain and deposit cryptocurrency funds into their uniswap clone platform wallets.


Token pair trading

After the wallet connection users can look through the token pairs that are available, select one, and trade by exchanging tokens or adding liquidity to the pool.


Blockchain transaction

When users confirm a trade, the blockchain is validated and the transaction is carried out. And it will be very easy and user-friendly.


Monitoring portfolio

In the uniswap clone platform dashboard, users can keep track of trade activity and portfolio performance.



The last and final step in the uniswap clone app is that users can securely logout, withdraw money, and protect their wallet data.

Build uniswap clone script on any device

Dappfort uniswap clone software developers will assist you to create a uniswap clone software on any platform either web or mobile apps.

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Why choose uniswap clone script development service from Dappfort?

The top uniswap clone script development company, Dappfort offers exceptional clone script development services. Our pre-configured, thoroughly tested white label uniswap clone script solution will help you quickly, affordably, and in compliance with your technical requirements build your Defi exchange platform. We have skilled engineers, Blockchain developers, QA testers, and UI/UX designers who can create decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges and deliver ready-to-use white-label solutions. We provide ready made uniswap clone script development solutions that are appropriate for company owners looking to quickly enter the Defi industry and offer a top-notch Defi exchange platform.


Agile development process


Customization solutions


On-time delivery


High-grade security


DeFi expertise


Top-notch quality

Frequently Asked Questions

What is uniswap clone script?

The ready made uniswap clone script is of the popular decentralized exchange uniswap. It is one of the biggest open-access DEXs that utilizes the Ethereum blockchain. Our Uniswap Clone Script lets users easily swap cryptocurrency tokens, just like Uniswap does.

How long will it take to create a cryptocurrency exchange similar to uniswap?

Using our uniswap clone script, creating a cryptocurrency exchange similar to Uniswap will only take a few days. This timeline, however, might change in response to our special requests.

How much does it cost to launch a uniswap clone script?

The complexity, technology stack, and features of a DeFi crypto exchange like uniswap will alter the development cost. Cloning options are more cost-effective than any other type of development plan.

Have you got a demo of the uniswap clone platform?

Yes, we will give a free demo of our uniswap clone software. Use our website's chat feature or send us an email to get in touch with us. A live software demo of the Uniswap clone will be shared shortly.

Do you continue to provide adequate support even after uniswap clone software deployment?

To ensure the Uniswap Defi exchange clone platform has a longer life cycle, we offer post-deployment assistance such as promotional activity, customer support, software upgrades and more are offered by Dappfort as a uniswap clone script development solution provider.