Amplify The Crypto Exchange Business Using Bybit Clone Script

Bybit clone script is a ready-made software that will help you develop a cryptocurrency exchange platform. Our Bybit clone script is a bug-free solution along with various trading features. As your reliable development company, we deliver top-notch Bybit clone websites and applications for both iOS and Android. The main reason our Bybit clone script stands out is because of its strong trading engine which can quickly handle the largest trading volume.

Comprehensive Features Of The Bybit Clone App

When you want to build a very secure and reliable cryptocurrency exchange platfrom using our Bybit clone script, these are the important features that we provide.


Spot trading

We offer this feature in our Bybit clone script that allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies instantly with instantaneous settlement at current market prices.


Margin trading

This feature allows traders or users to trade bigger positions with less capital by leveraging positions with borrowed funds to increase possible profits.


Trading Bot

We have this pre-programmed algorithm that automates trading strategies, allowing users to execute trades automatically in response to predetermined conditions.


OTC Trading

This feature in Dappfort’s Bybit clone script allows high-volume over-the-counter trading by giving a private and secure platform for cryptocurrency trades.


Copy Trading

In our Bybit clone script, this feature lets users replicate strategies and learn from the actions of experienced traders by copying the trades of successful traders.


Demo Trading

This feature allows users to use virtual money to practice trading strategies risk-free. We offer a simulated environment to practice trading techniques before using real money.


Get A Customized Bybit Clone App Development

Businesses can get customized Bybit clone app development services from us to enhance their crypto exchange platform. We have created a Bybit clone script that is completely suitable to meet the startup needs. It includes all the main features like margin trading, OTC trading, spot trading, and others to attract users with a smooth trading interface.

You will stand out in this competitive space by partnering with Dappfort who will help you launch a Bybit clone mobile apps for both iOS and Android. In this rapidly evolving industry, let us help you realize your vision and accomplish your business objectives.

Premium-Grade Security Features In Bybit Clone Application

Security is a very important part of any software, especially when dealing with millions of users. In our ready-to-market Bybit clone script, we have added the following security features.


2 Factor authentication


Anti-DDoS protection


SSL encryption


Cold storage


DDoS protection


IP whitelisting

Firewall protection

Firewall protection


software updates


Restricted access


CSRF protection


HTTPS authentication


Jail login

Business Perks Of Creating A Crypto Exchange Platform Like Bybit

Any business are always on the lookout on how they can benefit their startup by create a crypto exchange platform. These are some of the business benefits of using a Bybit clone script.


Revenue Generation

Businesses can generate income using our bybit clone script for their startup. Because we have included a charge for trading, listing, and other services. This will guarantee a steady flow of income.


Market Expansion

We create a crypto exchange platform similar to Bybit, which will attract many users from around the world to broaden the exchange's user base and increase its potential profitability. Thus your business will also expand.


Market Insights

You can acquire insightful knowledge about consumer or user behavior and market trends to support to make better decisions. This is another important benefit that will help grow your business.


Long-Term Sustainability

The Dappfort’s Bybit clone script will give continuous growth and profitability and lay a strong foundation for long-term success. Our developers will prioritize stability, security, and compliance.



We have customized our Bybit clone script so that it is highly scalable to handle the rising user demand and transaction volumes. Therefore, your crypto exchange platform like Bybit will have the same success as the original one.


Strategic Partnerships

In order to increase the scope and potential of your business, work with partners in the industry, such as financial institutions, blockchain projects, or technology suppliers with whom you can build partnerships to sustain in the long term.

A Secure Admin And User Feature Of Bybit Clone App

We have added the best features for the admin and user panel for anyone who wants to develop a cryptocurrency exchange using the Bybit clone script. Here are some of the most important one’s you will find in our ready-made Bybit clone script.


User management

This feature in our Bybit clone script allows admins to manage user accounts, which includes account verification, registration, and suspension when needed.


Security Settings

Using this feature, the admin can set up security features like IP whitelisting and two-factor authentication (2FA) requirements included in our Bybit clone script.


Risk Management

Risk Management This risk parameter feature in our Bybit clone script is used to control the platform's exposure by setting position size limitations.


Trading Pair Management

Depending on market demand and liquidity, admins can add, remove, or modify the trading pairs that are available on the crypto exchange platform like Bybit.


Fee Management

This feature is also controlled by the admin who can set up fees for trading, withdrawals, and other transactions so that they can manage the fee of the platform.


Wallet Management

We have this feature to protect user funds, administrators can control the wallets on the platform, including hot wallets and cold storage.

The Workflow Of The Bybit Clone Application

The whitelabel Bybit clone app works similarly to the original platform. Here is a breakdown of how it works.


The first step is for users to enter their email addresses, and finish the KYC verification process to get access to their accounts and other trading features



Users can secure the funds in their wallets with a unique address so they can either deposit or buy using their wallets.



They can start trading using advanced order types and real-time market data to make well-informed decisions.


Risk management

Users can set stop-loss and profit-take orders to manage risks effectively. It protects the overall capitalization.



Using charting tools, users can monitor position, and market trends in real-time in the Bybit clone application.



After completing the trading process, users can swiftly transfer the funds or earnings to their wallets by following tight security guidelines.

Bybit Clone Script Compatibility

We offer Bybit clone, which can be developed on any preferred platform that a business requires.

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Why Choose Dappfort For Bybit Clone Script Development?

You can work with a best Bybit clone script development company like Dappfort because we have a number of success records in completing crypto projects to our client’s success with 99% positive feedback. You can access a group of knowledgeable developers with Dappfort who have built scalable and secure exchanges. To satisfy your specific business requirements, our clone script provides smooth integration, features that can be customized, and continuous support. Gain from our dedication to excellence, prompt delivery, and open communication throughout the development process, which will guarantee your success in the competitive cryptocurrency market.


Customized solutions


Round-the-clock support


Security measures


Quality assurance


Agile development


Pocket-friendly solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Bybit clone script?

Bybit clone script is a ready-made solution that replicates the popular crypto platform Bybit with the same features and functionalities.

How much does the Bybit clone app development cost?

The cost to create a Bybit clone application will vary depending on the service provider or company you choose. Also, it depends on several factors, including the complexity, UI/UX of the platform, and the verticals that need to be integrated.

Why should you select our Bybit clone script?

Our Bybit clone has an abundance of cutting-edge features, flawless code, security precautions, and eye-catching designs and graphics and that is the reason to choose our clone.

Can the Bybit clone script handle lot of transactions?

Yes, it is designed with a scalable architecture to handle large-scale trading operations by keeping in mind about long-term growth.

How can I make money using the Bybit clone application?

When you launch a cryptocurrency exchange platform like Bybit, we have added several monetization modules like margin interest, trading fees, transaction fees, and more.