Introducing our ready-to-launch cryptocurrency exchange script to start your crypto exchange business

Generally, a cryptocurrency exchange script is a pre-built software with all the necessary features that help businesses develop cryptocurrency exchange software. Our cryptocurrency exchange script comes with the latest and most dynamic trading tools. Your users can trade using various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Litecoin (LTC),  and more. Without a second thought, you can partner with Dappfort, a top cryptocurrency exchange script provider, to help build a Bitcoin exchange software.

Transformational cryptocurrency exchange script we offer

We provide multiple types of crypto exchange scripts that will help you start your crypto exchange business. Here are some of them which will enhance your business.


Centralized Exchange Script

We provide a bug-free centralized exchange script so you can create the best exchange platform that powers your cryptocurrency enterprise and enables users to trade cryptocurrencies with one another through middlemen.

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P2P Crypto Exchange Script

Get a customized P2P crypto exchange script that enables you to replicate well-known peer-to-peer (P2P) cryptocurrency exchanges like Remitano and Paxful. We offer our script with in-built advanced trading engines and highly coded smart contracts.

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Decentralized Exchange Script

Dappfort offers DEX scripts, which is based on blockchain technology, so you can create your own decentralized cryptocurrency exchange platform. Accept the decentralized finance of the future, in which users manage their money and execute trades using smart contracts.

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OTC Crypto Exchange Script

Build a stable and expandable OTC trading platform. Making sure that it supports high-volume trades of currencies, securities, and other financial products outside of the regular exchange order books is made easier with the help of our ready-made OTC crypto exchange script.

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Hybrid Exchange Script

We develop hybrid exchange scripts that combine centralized and decentralized features to help you build a flexible and secure cryptocurrency exchange platform and enable users to trade cryptocurrencies over a centralized platform without the need for middlemen.

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Bitcoin Escrow Script

Use our pre-built Bitcoin exchange script to create a trustworthy, transparent peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange with escrow capabilities. By putting money in escrow until certain requirements are satisfied, it makes safe peer-to-peer transactions possible.

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Premium features of our cryptocurrency exchange script

If you want to create a cryptocurrency exchange platform with us, we offer the best features to make trading more efficient. Here are the features offered in our pre-built script.


Trading engine

This feature is offered in our scalable cryptocurrency exchange script, which lets users to quickly buy and sell orders.

AML/KYC verification

AML/KYC verification

Tools like Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-money laundering (AML) are offered by us to verify the user’s details.


Margin Trading

With the help of this margin trading, traders can increase potential profits (or losses) by borrowing funds to increase the size of their trading position.


Futures Trading

We offer this feature where investors can diversify their investment portfolios, manage risk, and speculate on how the prices of cryptocurrencies will move in the future.


Fiat and Crypto Support

Our Script offers seamless trading between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, increasing market accessibility and serving a wider global trader base.


IEO Launchpad

Our IEO launchpad feature can raise money by listing their tokens for sale right there in your launchpad. This removes the token issuance process and gives investors access to projects.


Our industry's best Cryptocurrency exchange script for Android and iOS app development 

We all know that the number of people using smartphones is rising quickly worldwide. Thus, the majority of cryptocurrency traders favor mobile applications for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Developing a mobile app for cryptocurrency trading that is easy to use will help you draw in users from around the world who are interested in digital coins. At Dappfort, we provide excellent cryptocurrency exchange mobile app development services with flawless results. Building a crypto exchange app for iOS and Android will also generate your more profits. 

As a white label cryptocurrency exchange development company, you can customize the design and release a best mobile trading app for cryptocurrencies that has all the best features and security measures. Using your business-ready crypto exchange script solutions our skilled developers will create a mobile application with an engaging user interface that works on both the Android and iOS platforms.

High-grade security features of our cryptocurrency exchange script

Security is the key to any platform. These are the security features offered in our cryptocurrency exchange script to keep your platform safe. 


Two-Factor authentication


Escrow system


HTTPs authentication


Anti-phishing software


CSRF protection


software update


Encrypted wallets




Data encryption


Cloudflare protection

Business benefits of choosing our cryptocurrency exchange script

This is how our cryptocurrency exchange scripts will be beneficial to start your own crypto exchange



We provide an inexpensive price for our cryptocurrency exchange script. Using a whitelabel solution is less expensive than building a platform from scratch.


Advanced security

In our script, we always offer high security so that the user’s data is secure. Our expertise in providing the utmost security is essential.


Quick launch

Utilizing our cryptocurrency exchange script, you can quickly and efficiently launch your platform, cutting down on time to market and optimizing opportunities.



The cryptocurrency exchange script is made to be extremely scalable, so it won't be difficult for your platform to handle increasing user demand and transaction volumes.

Scalable admin and user features of our cryptocurrency exchange script

When you develop a crypto exchange application these are some of the features that we provide for your exchange


User management

Administrators are in charge of managing user accounts, which includes the creation, validation, revocation, and suspension of their users


Transaction history

This real-time tracking feature of every transaction to identify and stop fraudulent activity is known as transaction monitoring.


Trading Pair Administration

Admins can incorporate, eliminate, or alter trading pairs that are accessible on the network.


KYC/AML Compliance

We offer this feature for user identity verification and anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer compliance.


Wallet Management

Administrators can control deposits and withdrawals, keep an eye on balances, and manage hot and cold wallets.


Fee management

Fee management feature lets admins to establish and modify fees for withdrawals, trades, and other services.

Dappfort’s ready-made top-selling cryptocurrency exchange clone script

If you decide to follow up on a profitable profession in the cryptocurrency space, this is the ideal cryptocurrency exchange clone script to help you grow your trading company. Our clone scripts are packed with features that your business needs.


Binance P2P



















A simple workflow of our cryptocurrency exchange platform

Here is a step-by-step workflow of how your users will trade when they use your crypto exchange. 

Registration and Verification

Users can create an account and go through the KYC process to verify their identity.


Funds Deposit

Using the available deposit options, they can transfer cash or cryptocurrency into your exchange wallet.


Investigate Markets

To make wise trading decisions, users can look through and evaluate a variety of trading pairs and market information.


Place Orders

Utilising the market, limit, or other available order types, one can place buy or sell orders.


Trade Monitoring

They will receive real-time updates and alerts on order status, market movement, and portfolio balance.


Withdraw Fund

After finishing their trades, one can withdraw the money to a bank account or personal wallet.

Our cryptocurrency exchange script’s compatibility

If you want to build a crypto exchange, these are the various platform that you can launch your exchange.

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Why choose the cryptocurrency exchange script from Dappfort?

One of the best cryptocurrency exchange development company, Dappfort provides cryptocurrency exchange script that are highly customizable and scalable for companies of all sizes. We offer flawless exchange script that meet your unique needs because they are up to date on the newest developments in the industry and technology. We create cutting-edge, feature-rich cryptocurrency exchange websites and mobile apps to meet your specific needs, whether you're starting a decentralized, centralized, or hybrid exchange.

Dappfort is a reliable partner for creating cryptocurrency exchange platforms because of our track record of completed projects and happy clients. In this competitive cryptocurrency market, we have assisted many companies in launching exchange platforms and accomplishing their business objectives. You can take advantage of unmatched experience, tailored solutions, and a solid track record by working with Dappfort on your cryptocurrency exchange script.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cryptocurrency exchange script?

The ready-to-use cryptocurrency exchange software known as Cryptocurrency Exchange Script has all the fundamental to sophisticated features and security measures needed to run and maintain a cryptocurrency trading platform.

How can I make money by launching a cryptocurrency exchange platform?

There are numerous ways to make money, including margin trading, staking, advertising, deposit fees, withdrawal fees, and trading commissions. Additionally, IEO Launchpad, which enables token issuers to publish their cryptocurrency on your platform, allows you to make money.

What tech stacks are used to develop a crypto exchange website?

We use advanced technologies like PHP, Mean Stack, MERN stack, Java, etc. to build a robust cryptocurrency exchange website or app. We also create and implement cryptocurrency exchange from scratch using this tech stack of your choice for your crypto exchange development.

What's the time frame involved in setting up my own cryptocurrency exchange?

Using our high-quality, user-ready software is an option if you want to quickly develop your own trading platform. For you to start your own cryptocurrency exchange within a few days.

What is the price of developing a platform for cryptocurrency trading platform?

The features you want to add and the kind of exchange you wish to build for your company will primarily determine the development cost. The development cost will also differ based on your particular business needs.