Get industry-standard cricket betting software equipped with advanced technology

Take your sports betting business to the next level with our best-in-class cricket betting software which guarantees a competitive advantage. We offer cricket betting software that meets the changing markets and provides scalable solutions. You can build a cricket betting website or mobile apps for both iOS and Android with user-friendly interfaces. There are various revenue streams offered in our cricket betting platform development services. In our cricket betting software, we cover main cricket leagues like the Big Bash League, World T20, Indian Premier League, and ICC World Cup. This makes your online sports betting business even more attractive and fun.

Dappfort’s cricket betting app's high-performing core features

We offer cricket betting applications with main or core features, which guarantee safe and responsible betting, improve user engagement, and offer seamless functionality.


API Integration

In our cricket betting software, we help connect to external data sources and services to increase functionality.


Scheduling Events

We offer calendars and event schedules, on our cricket betting website that help users plan ahead of time and ensure they don't miss any events.


Advanced Search and Filter Options

Using this feature, users can locate particular matches, bet kinds, or tournaments with ease in the cricket betting application.


Security Features

In our cricket betting software we provide security features to protect user data and transactions including SSL encryption, 2FA, and anti-fraud systems.


Risk Management Tools

We offer this feature in our software so that it manages self-exclusion and sets betting limit settings to encourage responsible gaming.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Dappfort provides users with customized alerts regarding upcoming games, the status of their bets, special deals, and other pertinent information.

Benefits of choosing white-label cricket betting software

When you choose to build and launch a cricket betting platform, these are the business benefits that you can a startup or entrepreneur can gain.


Fast Market Entry

You can start your betting business right away without having to wait for the long development and debugging procedures.


Cost Effective

You can choose our white-label cricket betting software, rather than starting from scratch, which will drastically cut development costs.



We offer cricket betting software, which is ready-to-market so that businesses can start making money more quickly and get closer to profitability.


Global Reach

Dappfort helps you create a cricket betting application, which supports multi-currency & multi-lingual language and targets a variety of markets to expand globally.


Long-Term Investment

The cricket betting business is the best long-term investment that will grow tremendously.



We help you start a cricket betting software, that can be scalable so that your app or website can meet the growing user demand guaranteeing steady performance.

Cricket betting app admin features offered by Dappfort

These admin features are provided by us, if any businesses want to launch a cricket betting platform. We give seamless operations, and safe and legal betting environments in cricket betting software.


Game management

Admins in the cricket betting app can plan, coordinate, and adjust cricket match specifics, such as teams, times, and dates using this feature offered by us.


Payment Gateway Integration

We offer this feature, so that admins allow seamless financial transactions within the app, manage and integrate various payment gateways.


Reporting and Analytics

In Dappfort’s cricket betting software, we provide this feature so admin can view comprehensive reporting and analytics tools to monitor user engagement.


Bet Approval System

Using this feature, admins can manually review and approve high-value wagers to make sure they adhere to risk management regulations.


KYC Verification System

This is another important feature offered by us, where users can confirm user identity documents like passports or driver's licenses.


Transaction Limit Controls

We offer this feature in our software so the admin can verify the status, set and modify daily, weekly, or monthly deposit and withdrawal limits.

Capitalize your cricket betting business

When businesses create a cricket betting platform, they can make huge profits from it. We offer several monetization modules that will help you to make revenue, apart from that to improve user engagement we provide rich features. You can optimize your strategies and maximize profitability by gaining deep insights into user behavior and betting patterns through the use of robust analytics tools. Get seamless operation and ongoing revenue flow using scalable solutions that can handle peak loads during significant events.

  • Transaction fees

  • In-app purchases

  • Subscription fees

  • Affiliate marketing

  • Advertisements

  • Premium features

User panel features offered in Dappfort’s cricket betting app

TWhen you develop a cricket betting website, these are the user or player features offered in our cricket betting software. We also offer customization options.


Easy Registration

Using this feature, the users can create an account in the cricket betting website easily, and complete the authentication process.


Live Betting

We offer this feature in our cricket betting app so that players can bet on matches that is taking place live.


Bet Slip

In the cricket betting app we provide this feature so users can manage the bets they've chosen, change their stake amounts, and complete their wagers.


Real-time Stats

Users get instant access to player statistics, game statistics, and past data to help with betting is made possible by real-time statistics in the betting platform.


Betting Tips

Players will get detailed advice and tips for betting are accessible to novices, increasing their knowledge and self-assurance.


Loyalty & rewards

Dappfort’s cricket betting software offers this features where users get points or credits for their betting activity.

Additional rewards for choosing Dappfort’s cricket betting software

Businesses can get additional benefits when they develop a cricket betting website from Dappfort. In the cricket betting app, we have added AI-powered insights and more to boost your business’s productivity.




VR betting


Blockchain technology


betting engines


Voice recognized


Quick bet

End-to-end cricket betting app development process

Dappfort’s cricket betting application or website development process consists of planning, designing, developing, testing, and launching the app. We offer cricket betting bookie software development services with an excellent user experience and reliable performance, along with seamless integration and first-rate security.


Requirement Gathering











Why choose cricket betting software from Dappfort?

Dappfort's cricket betting software can help you grow your business and succeed in a highly competitive market. To safeguard both your users and your operations, our platform combines with strong security measures with cutting-edge, easy-to-use features. As a leading cricket betting software development company we offer a scalable, that can easily manage high volumes of traffic during important cricket matches, making betting a seamless experience. Our cricket betting software development services enhance your brand and maximize revenue potential. You're working with the best cricket betting software development service provider that will help to expand your online sports business.


Customizable solution


High scalability


Real-time updates


24/7 customer support


On-time delivery


Expert team

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dappfort’s expertise in cricket betting software?

Dappfort specializes in creating user-friendly, scalable, and safe cricket betting software that is customized to meet the needs of its customers.

How secure is the cricket betting software?

We offer top-notch security features like encryption, conduct frequent security audits, and adhere to global gaming laws.

Which platforms are supported by Dappfort's betting software?

Cricket betting software from Dappfort ensures accessibility by supporting web, iOS, and Android platforms.

Does Dappfort's cricket betting software support the integration of payment gateways?

Indeed, depending on the business's needs, we can integrate a large variety of payment gateways in our cricket betting software.

How does Dappfort manage upgrades and software updates?

In our cricket betting software, we frequently send out updates to improve security and functionality while causing the least amount of service interruption.