Pancakeswap clone script

With Dappfort ready-to-launch pancakeswap clone script on binance smart chain powered by cutting-edge AMM technology, you can create your own DeFi exchange with a top pancakeswap clone script development company.


Build a DEX exchange with pancakeswap clone script with Dappfort

Create a DEX platform using the Pancakeswap Clone Script for automated market making (AMM), swapping, and yield farming on the Binance smart chain (BSC). Our premium pancakeswap clone software provides many additional features not found in the original platform, making it more than just an exact copy of the popular platform. For example, limitless adaptability, multilingual support, and seamless scaling. Our clone script's ability to perform instant swaps with BEP-20 tokens and the BSC-ETH bridge gives your users the same functionality as pancakeswap. You can choose a best pancakeswap clone script development service provider and help you create one for your business.

Premium-grade add-on features included in pancakeswap clone script

Develop your DeFi protocol to be as successful as PancakeSwap, the most popular DeFi exchange in the Blockchain industry. Choose Dappfort, one of the leading pancakeswap clone script development service provider which includes each of the essential elements listed below.



The conventional order book system is not required. Users can contribute liquidity to our Pancakeswap clone script's liquidity pools in exchange for LP tokens and trade fees.


Yield farming

One of the best features included when you create a pancakeswap clone apps is yield farming. Staking LP tokens in the farms that are run by smart contracts reward users.


Liquidity pool tokens

By supplying liquidity for particular pairs in the liquidity pools, users can earn LP tokens. Users can stake these tokens in farms to increase their token rewards.


Syrup pools

One of the DeFiearning modules is the syrup pool, where users can stake their preferred token in the relevant token pools for a set period of time to earn a lot of money.



Our PancakeSwap clone makes it easy and seamless for users to swap tokens, so they can quickly exchange one token for another.



In our pancakeswap clone script development solution we provide a lottery feature through which platform users can participate and win CAKE tokens as prizes.


High-performance pancakeswap DEX clone script

The white-label pancakeswap clone software you choose will make your DeFi exchange launch easily in the market. Dappfort pancakeswap clone app developers build an extremely user-friendly and draws a lot of attention from the current crypto enthusiasts in the web3 world. A DeFi exchange platform is available to use in the PancakeSwap clone script. Full app customization is included in the multi-tested, launch-ready source code. By using the BSC blockchain and our top-notch PancakeSwap clone script, users can trade BEP20 tokens and BNB coins without the help of third parties. We help you launch your PancakeSwap DEX Clone Script, which is geared towards the future, as soon as possible. Our team of skilled designers, engineers, developers, Blockchain experts and QA tester will help build a DeFi exchange similar to Pancakeswap. In Dappfort, pancakeswap clone script development company we also offer customization options.

Multi-layered security feature used to create a pancakeswap clone app

Our Pancakeswap clone script offers unmatched security for your platform because it is developed on one of the most secure Blockchain architectures.


Smart contract audits




Two-factor authentication


Anti-phishing measures








Encrypted bridging


Secure wallet integration


Multi-signature wallets

Game-changing business benefits of pancakeswap clone script development

You can create and launch a pancakeswap clone script that comes what many benefits for your business. With the help of the pancakeswap clone script development solution provider, you can also customize the clone script.


Revenue generation

When you develop a pancakeswap clone application, transaction fees, staking fees, liquidity provider and others are included in it. You could generate a stable income from this.


Early market entry

By building a pancakeswap clone platform with top development agency and enter the DeFi market early and profit from the rising demand for decentralized exchanges.


Established model

The automated market maker(AMM) model is effective because of the success of the DEX platform pancakeswap. User adoption is increased and thus you can build this clone script.


Global usage

DeFi platform have a user base that is spread throughout the world. You can gain access to a broad global market by launching a pancakeswap clone script.

Robust admin and user features used to develop a pancakeswap clone application

In our pancakeswap clone script development solutions we employ the best admin and user features to give a better experience for your users and business owners.


Admin dashboard


User management


Risk management




Token management


Liquidity pool control


Staking management


AML/KYC compliance


API & integration

Structured working flow of pancakeswap clone software

The pancakeswap clone application working process is very similar to that of the DEX exchange Pancakeswap. As a development solution provider we have developed with the easy user interface.

Access the platform

The first step is to go to the PancakeSwap clone website first, which provides a decentralized exchange on the binance smart chain


Connect your wallet

You can interact with your BSC funds and transactions by connecting your Binance smart chain wallet to the platform (such as MetaMask).


Browse token pairs

After that, users can look through the list of token pairs. You can trade these pairs of various tokens against one another.


Start a swap

Decide which token pair you want to trade. When you enter the amount of the token you wish to trade, the interface will estimate how much of the other token you will get in return.


Approve transaction

Before completing the swap, your wallet will ask for your approval. By completing this step, you can be sure that the platform is authorized to access and use your tokens for the exchange.


Transaction confirmation

After the approval, the platform will submit the transaction to the binance smart chain. Your wallet's updated token balances and information will both appear on the platform.

Dappfort developers helps you build pancakeswap clone script on any device

Pancakeswap clone software developers from Dappfort can help you build the clone script on any preferred device based on your business requirements.

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Why choose Dappfort pancakeswap clone script development services?

Get assistance from Dappfort one of the top pancakeswap clone script development company, and we quickly build a decentralized exchange like PancakeSwap with a professional touch. You will receive all the sophisticated and necessary features you require to build your own decentralized exchange with the help of our cutting-edge white-label pancakeswap clone software. Our script offers Automated Market Making, services for yield farming, liquidity pools, swapping, bridging, support for multiple wallets, and a variety of lottery ticket schemes. The decentralized exchange script from Dappfort is ready made and can be customized and deployed on the Binance smart chain or any preferred platform.


Agile development process


Customizable solutions


On-time deployment


Blockchain experts


Round-the-clock support


Quality assurance

Frequently Asked Questions

What is pancakeswap clone script?

The pancakeswap clone script is a decentralized exchange script that is based entirely on the open-source DeFi protocol. One can create their own Defi-based DEX Exchange that resembles Pancakewap by using this script as the main source.

Can the PancakeSwap clone be launched on the Ethereum or Tron networks?

The PancakeSwap clone can be launched on a number of different networks, including Tron, Ethereum, Polygon, Solana, and others.

What is AMM in the pancakeswap clone script?

AMMs, or Automated Market Makers, build liquidity pools for traders rather than using matching engines to connect sellers and buyers on exchange platforms.

Are features like voting, swapping, and yield farming compatible with your Pancakeswap clone software?

Yes, we designed our script to manage all of Pancakeswap's functionality, and you can change the script's features.

Is your pancakeswap clone script completely secure?

Our pancakeswap clone software was created by Blockchain developers. In addition, our script satisfies all industry security requirements. Thus, our script is malware-free and immune to all security risks.