Get high-performance and secure FanDuel clone script

Choose Dappfort’s efficient FanDuel clone script to develop a sports betting platform. Using our clone script you can take your sports betting business to new heights. We provide a FanDuel clone script with fast performance to keep your users happy and involved. It has multiple security features to keep the data of the user safe. Your business can always stay one step ahead of the competition and succeed in the dynamic world of sports betting. Use our world-class white-label solution to capitalize on the demands of the worldwide market by providing daily fantasy sports events in the NFL, NBA, MLB, IPL, NHL, WHL, EPL, and other leagues. We build the FanDuel clone app with an engaging user interface and exceptional features. It is designed for success, customized to an unsettling extent, and comes with an engine.

Various types of contest included in Dappfort’s FanDuel clone script

Dappfort offers three different kinds of entertainment along with a variety of sports features in the FanDuel clone script.


Horse Racing

Using our FanDuel clone script, your users will get the thrill of wagering on horse races all over the world. This takes place from the comfort of your device, place your bets and experience the excitement as the races unfold.


Sports Betting

Businesses can develop a sports betting website using our FanDuel clone script which supports sports events like basketball, football, and more. With simple-to-use features, enjoy making predictions and supporting your favorite teams.


Daily betting

We offer FanDuel clone script which supports daily betting. Your users can enjoy betting on various sporting events every day. They will always have fresh betting options to consider, whether it’s a live game or a unique occasion.

Core Features That Set Our FanDuel Clone Script Apart

These are some of the most important and common features that you will find in our FanDuel clone script for your business.


Dashboard And Lobby Features

This feature is one of our clone software's unique features, we offer an attractive dashboard with an eye-catching lobby.


Sportsbook integration

We integrate the FanDuel clone app with sportsbooks to let users wager on a variety of sports, such as baseball, basketball, soccer, football, and more.


Live score & updates

Users get real-time updates on sporting events, including player statistics, game progress, and live scores as well.


VIP Programs

We have added VIP programs into the FanDuel clone scripts which provide high-value users with special benefits, rewards, and privileges to encourage their continuous participation.


KYC/AML verification

You can develop a sports betting app with FanDuel clone script from us which supports KYC verification for extra security purposes.



We offer a FanDuel clone app with customer support available around the clock to answer questions.

Benefits Of Choosing Our FanDuel Clone Script


Quick Deployment

The FanDuel clone script that we offer can be used to quickly launch your sports betting platform to save time and money.



We can customize our ready-made FanDuel clone script for your business needs so that you can improve user engagement.



When we create a FanDuel clone application, we keep in mind the scalability of the platform to fit the user demand and business growth in the future.


Competitive Edge

To set your platform apart from the competition we add interactive interface and offer advanced features and market-leading functionality.


Revenue Opportunities

We offer multiple revenue streams in our FanDuel clone script, like commission fees, subscription models, and ads


Strong Security

In our FanDuel clone script we give various security measures to protect user data and transactions.

Prize Pools & Rewards Offered In Dappfort’s FanDuel Clone Script

FanDuel clone script from Dappfort gives your users or players the ability to create new tournaments and entertain themselves in various competitions



This is a type of contest we offer in our FanDuel clone script, Iin the head-to-head competitions, players can test their gaming prowess and challenge one another.



As we develop the FandDuel clone application, your players can run as many leagues as you like and set a cap on the number of players. They can get enormous financial rewards.



Players can take part in tournaments held all over the world. With just a small initial investment, users can play any game they want and potentially win enormous sums of money.


Multiplier Competitions

We offer some contests offer multiplier options, allowing the player to receive a multiple of their initial investment.

Optimized Admin And Player Features Of FanDuel Clone Application

The following are some of the most important admin and player features provided in Dappfort’s FanDuel clone script to build a perfect sports betting website.


Dashboard management


Payment management


Tournament management


Customer support


Fraud prevention


Ad management


Contest creation


API integration


Reporting & analytics


FanDuel clone script compatibility

Businesses can develop a sports betting app using our FanDuel clone script and we offer multi-platform access.

  • Fanduel-clone-script-mobile


  • Fanduel-clone-script-desktop


  • Fanduel-clone-script-web



A sequential working process of the FanDuel clone application

This is the workflow of how players can access your sports betting website similar to FanDuel.


Sign up/Login


Explore contests


Join contests


Place bets


Claim rewards

A streamlined FanDuel clone app development process

The FanDuel clone app development process followed by Dappfort’s software developers is very precise using the latest tech stack.


Requirement Gathering











Why prefer a ready-made FanDuel clone script from Dappfort?

Selecting Dappfort's pre-made FanDuel clone script has incomparable benefits. You can save time and money by overcoming development obstacles with our painstakingly designed solution. With its extensive features, our script guarantees a smooth and quick platform launch. Take advantage of our experience in developing scalable, adaptable solutions that fit your needs. Choosing a leading Fanduel clone script development company like Dappfort gives you a market advantage and access to a tried-and-true recipe for success. With Dappfort, you can embrace innovation, dependability, and efficiency while accelerating your rise to prominence in sports betting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a FanDuel clone script?

FanDuel clone script is a ready-made software offered by Dappfort, and using that businesses can create a sports betting platform quickly and effectively.

What features does your FanDuel clone script offer?

In our FanDuel clone script, we offer features like user management, payment processing, contest creation, leaderboards, and more.

Can I customize Dappfort’s FanDuel clone script for my business needs?

We help you build and launch a sports betting platform using our FanDuel clone script which can be completely altered to match your business requirements.

How much does it cost to create a FanDuel clone application?

The cost needed to develop a FanDuel clone platform or website completely depends on the business specifications, add-ons, development team, and other functionalities.

Will Dappfort offer support even after the launch of my sports betting platform?

Yes, even after the deployment our developers will support your platform with ongoing maintenance, updates, and more.