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Dappfort presents a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) guarantee in a legal document to prevent the disclosure of clients' "Confidential Information" without their consent. We promise to use the supplied information objectively and guard it against any type of misuse by other customers or resources.

Basic Terms & Conditions

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Breach of terms and conditions

The rights that have been granted to you will expire if you don't comply with the conditions, terms, agreements, and notices. Without prior notice, the immediate termination of the downloaded material that you can own or control. 

You consent to follow the rule that demands accountability for your actions. Additionally, you'll do everything in your power to safeguard Dappfort, as well as its parent company, subsidiaries, employees, partners, contractors, licensors, joint venture partners, and third-party information providers.

Disclaimer regarding warranty

Dappfort policy disclaimers are subject to change at any time. As a result, we make no claims regarding non-infringement. We won't be held responsible for any damages you may incur as a result of using the website after it has undergone updates and changes without taking those changes into account. Continued use of the website will be interpreted as your acceptance of the changes that have been made.