Binance clone script

Build a cryptocurrency exchange platform like Binance using our pre-built Binance clone script with the best features and functionalities. We offer a binance clone script which is completely tested and bug-free so that you can get into the market quickly.


Accelerate your crypto business with binance clone software

Binance clone script is a ready-made software that has the exact same features & functionalities as the popular cryptocurrency exchange, Binance. Crypto business can launch their own crypto exchange platform with our binance clone script with liquidity APIs, order types, risk management types, smart contracts, and others.

Choose the best binance clone script development solution provider and develop a binance clone app. 

Technically advanced top features of binance clone script

Create a binance clone app that supports all these predominant features. Make sure when you start a binance clone script development to incorporate these features.


Spot trading

Our Binance clone script's top feature is spot trading. By posting buy/sell orders that are matched by the lightning-fast matching engine, this feature enables instant cryptocurrency trading that is secure between the buyer and seller.


P2P trading

Create a binance clone platform with p2p trading that gives the best trading experience.  By selecting their preferred buy/sell ads or by posting buy/sell ads in accordance with their preferences, your users can carry out secure and immediate crypto trading.


Margin trading

Develop a binance clone apps that support margin trading. This feature enables your users to trade crypto assets without taking any risks by borrowing money from the admin. Therefore, by leveraging the investment,  your users can increase their profit.


OTC trading

When you start a binance clone script development, this feature removes the need to access the order book. You can launch a cryptocurrency exchange for your users to trade cryptocurrencies immediately with preferred payment methods.


Futures trading

Crypto businesses can build a binance clone software with Dappfort binance clone script development services. It includes future trading where users to buy and sell assets at predetermined prices on specific dates or without any expiration dates.


trading engine

With Dappfort, binance clone software developers, businesses can develop a clone script with a high-performance matching engine enabled so that your users can execute trades more quickly and effectively.


Enhanced custom-made iOS and Android Binance clone app development

An excellent business plan to boost the revenue is to create a binance clone mobile apps for iOS and Android. Binance has quite a large number of users therefore, you can build and launch a binance clone application with the help of app developers or binance clone development solution provider. Trading via mobile apps is even more easy and convenient for users.

We offer binance clone script with primary and security features with the best cryptocurrency exchange development company. Benefit from the whitelabel binance clone software with cross-platform compatibility. Dominate in the cryptocurrency market space and stay one step ahead of your competitors with binance clone software development services from Dappfort.

Enterprise-level security features in binance clone script

Crypto enterprises can launch their own crypto exchange-like binance by choosing our ready-made binance clone script with bank-grade security features. We have included high safety enhancements in the binance clone script development.


2 Factor authentication


Anti-DDoS protection


Cold wallet storage


Jail Login


Escrow systems


Multi-signature wallets




Cloudflare integration


End-to-End encryption


IP & device whitelisting

Business gain with binance clone app development

Empowering business owners to develop their own binance clone software has many benefits. By opting Dappfort, Binance clone software developers get the following perks.


Multiple coin listing

One of the benefits to launch your own binance clone platform because it supports many cryptocurrencies available for trading, an exchange must have more trading pairs.  According to the needs of your business, you can list up to 300+ cryptocurrencies.


Accelerated market entry

As Binance is an already established model, choosing to create a binance clone app will give you an easy way to enter the business market. Build your brand while capitalizing on Binance's fame and success.


Improved security & trust

In Dappfort, Binance clone script development solutions, we have added the highest level of security features to increase user confidence, increasing customer loyalty, and user retention.


Global reach

Choose a top binance clone script development service provider to create a well-known ready-made clone that is widely acceptable by all users across the globe. Our white label, binance clone script can assure your business to reach globally.


Complete customization

The Binance clone script is entirely modifiable, allowing anyone to alter it to suit their particular business requirements and create a distinctive platform. To standalone products on the market, you can add more features.


Rapid transaction

The reliability of an exchange is impacted by transaction speed. Due to the high TPS Ratio of our Binance clone script, even larger transactions can be completed and at the highest throughput.

Build a binance clone script with high-performing admin and user feature

Binance clone application must have admin and user features that increase the scalability of your business. Include these best features in the binance clone software.


User management

Admin can manage user accounts, including user registration, verification, and profile management in the binance clone script.


KYC/AML verification

Develop a binance clone software with know your customer (KYC) and (AML) compliance processes, this feature enables the admin to review and approve user verification documents.


User account information

Our Binance clone app includes an admin panel so that the administrator of the exchange platform can easily keep track of all the user data.


Wallet management

This feature allows admin to manage user wallets, check balances, and carry out necessary operations like transfers or wallet maintenance.


Payment gateway details

The admin of the binance clone platform can monitor data on all user transactions made using cryptocurrency payment gateways.


Transaction Monitoring

You can build a crypto exchange like binance and monitor user's transactions and examine user transactions for security and compliance reasons.

The working module of the Dappfort binance clone software

The Binance clone platform working process is very similar to the original popular cryptocurrency exchange platform Binance. Get an overview of how the binance clone script works

User registration

Our Binance clone script has the registration functionalities built in. Users must correctly register information in order to begin trading on the installed exchange platform.


Account login

After completing the registration process, users should confirm their accounts. They can easily access their account using the registered credentials after the verification.



Users will be encouraged to set up two-factor authentication during their initial login. To prevent unauthorized users from accessing their accounts is to set up 2FA.


Crypto deposit

To start trading, users should fund their accounts with cryptocurrency. The ETH, BNB, BTC, USDT, and a few other restricted cryptos are supported by our Binance clone script.



Users can choose between basic or advanced trading modes once they deposit cryptos. They have a choice and can begin trading based on their level of trading experience.



At last, they can withdraw their cryptocurrency holdings from the platform wallets or send them elsewhere.

Binance Clone Script Revenue Models To Maximize Profits


Trading Fees

Using our Binance clone, you can make money by charging for a variety of trading services on your platform, such as margin, futures, options, P2P, spot trading, and more.


Initial Exchange Offers (IEO)

Earn a certain percentage of money raised through Initial exchange offerings services offered on your platform by helping startups launch their tokens. This will increase your revenue.


Staking Services

Give users the option to stake their money. To receive rewards, this will motivate them to hold their cryptocurrencies for longer periods and also becomes a additional income.


API Access Fee

You can charge fees to give API users access to historical trading data, order book data, real-time market data, and more—especially for third parties and professional traders.


Withdrawal Fee

When users take cryptocurrency out of their accounts, you can charge a fee. Depending on your preferences, this fee can be set as a fixed rate or as a variable percentage.


VIP Level Services

We provide VIP-level services that will enable you to generate income. This includes increased withdrawal limits, reduced trading fees, and premium features to enhance trading, etc.


Ads and Promotions

Our Binance clone script offers to run ads and marketing campaigns for cryptocurrency-related projects or companies looking to make their brand bigger.


Listing Charges

You can choose whether to charge users on the platform a one-time or continuous fee for listing cryptocurrencies when using our clone of Binance.


Interest Rates for Crypto Loans

Make extra money with our Binance clone by allowing users to borrow cryptocurrency on your platform in exchange for collateral and charging fair interest rates to borrowers.

We build binance clone apps on various platforms

To give a seamless experience, Dappfort software developers can create binance clone software on any platform including mobile apps or the web.

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Why choose Dappfort for Binance clone script development?

Dappfort is one of the premier binance clone script development company with high-performing features.  Our team of app developers offers customized whitelabel binance clone app development. Your crypto businesses can get the best binance clone solutions from Dappfort. We have assisted numerous enterprises to launch their own cryptocurrency exchange like Binance. Our developers are always ready to accept challenging projects and complete them perfectly as per your requirements. Get started with binance clone script development from Dappfort and reach your business goals.


Next-gen solutions


Timely delivery


Round-the-clock support


Agile development




Pocket-friendly clone

Frequently Asked Questions

When deciding to launch my own crypto exchange, why should I choose a Binance clone?

Many crypto businesses look to Binance as an iconic source of inspiration. Building a cryptocurrency exchange similar to Binance will enable you to quickly gain the trust of traders and generate high returns on investment.

Can we modify the script for the Binance clone?

Yes, you can completely alter the design and exchange features of the cryptocurrency exchange clone script with the aid of our Blockchain developers.

Do you have any scripts that copy Binance's crypto exchange available for demo?

We do provide a demo of the software that copies Binance. We’ll set up a demo right away if you contact us via email or our website's chat feature.

How to make profits with Binance clone script development?

With a Binance clone script, you can make a sizable return on investment by considering transaction fees, withdrawal fees, deposition fees, trading fees, premium fees, etc.

How does binance clone work?

The popular binance trading platform and binance clone script perform nearly identical tasks. In the Binance Clone, the functionalities can be different for users and administrators, and depending on the startup's needs, the script can include several revenue-generating elements.