BakerySwap clone script

Build a BakerySwap clone script to launch your own DeFi exchange over the Binance Smart chain with the help of a BakerySwap clone script development company. Our BakerySwap clone script solution includes automated market-making (AMM) and decentralized exchange on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).


Build a DeFi exchange with BakerySwap clone script for your business

The BakerySwap clone script is a pre-built DeFi exchange clone software that has all the features needed to run a successful DeFi exchange in the long run. You can launch your own DeFi exchange platform with a food-themed theme using the Binance smart chain in a matter of a week or two with the Bakeryswap clone script. Your users are allowed to stake and bake, make unique NFT combos, and obtain NFT pets with the BakerySwap Clone.

Advanced add-on features included in the BakerySwap clone app

A BakerySwap clone script's add-on features can improve user experience, offer extra functionality, and distinguish your platform. Following potential add-on features are offered in our BakerySwap clone script development solution.



By staking BAKE tokens or other tokens without a minimum requirement or a locking period, users can earn more rewards. NFTs can also be acquired by staking BAKE tokens, in addition.


Liquidity mining pools

Create a BakerySwap clone software where this feature gives users the chance to profit by supplying liquidity to innovative or important token pairs.


Liquidity locking

This feature enables user to lock their provided liquidity for a set amount of time, preserving the pool's stability and preventing premature withdrawals that might affect other participants.


Lowest tolerance for slippage

The lowest slippage tolerance offered by Bakeryswap clone script is 0.1%, and completing the transaction successfully is probably the main selling point of the product.


Alternating mechanism

Launch a BakerySwap clone script on binance smart chain, where users exchange BSC-based tokens with supported wallets like the Binance Chain Wallet, Metamask, and walletconnect.


Cross-platform yield aggregator

To maximize yield generation for users, develop a cross-platform yield aggregator that transfers money automatically between various DeFi protocols.


Launch an enhanced BakerySwap clone platform

With BakerySwap clone script, you can launch a DeFi Exchange with all of the features and functionality of BakerySwap. It is a perfect replica of BakerySwap. If you want to start a DeFi exchange right away that is similar to BakerySwap, you can use a ready made bakeryswap clone script that has all of the same features with the help of a clone script development company. This will allow you to start your DeFi exchange within few days. The alternative is to use a white label bakeryswap clone script, which is created from scratch and has additional features and functionalities of the bakeryswap exchange that can be customized as needed. Discover the decentralized financial future with our cutting-edge BakerySwap clone platform. Take advantage of profitable yield farming, optimized token swaps, and safe liquidity provision. Enhance your DeFi experience with more features, better security, and accessibility everywhere. Join us as we transform the financial industry with a BakerySwap clone script development service provider like Dappfort.

Multi-layered security features used to create a BakerySwap clone apps

Our Bakeryswap clone script offers unparalleled security for your platform because it is built on one of the most secure Blockchain architectures by our app developers.


Two factor authentication




Cold wallet storage




Data encryption






Native security features




Secure wallet integration

Business benefits of BakerySwap clone script development

A BakerySwap clone can help your business in a number of ways by enabling you to participate in the rapidly expanding decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem.


Revenue generation

Create a BakerySwap clone platform with transaction fees, liquidity pool fees, and other mechanisms, you can make money as users use your platform for token swaps.


Global accessibility

By choosing the right BakerySwap clone script development solution provider, we ensure that users from all over the world can access DeFi platforms like BakerySwap.


Early entry in DeFi Market

The DeFi market is one of the cryptocurrency space's most rapidly expanding subsectors. You can enter this market before your competitors do by launching a BakerySwap clone script.


Diversification of services

When you develop a BakerySwap clone apps, it gains popularity, you can expand the services you provide by adding new elements like lending and borrowing capabilities and more.

Business-centric admin and user features of BakerySwap clone application

The potential admin and user features are included in the BakerySwap clone script that gives a best user experience. As a Bakeryswap clone script development agency we focus on the best features


Admin dashboard


User management


Risk management


Security settings


Liquidity pools


KYC/AML compliance


Wallet management


Token management


Gas fee optimization

Optimized working process of BakerySwap clone script

A BakerySwap clone script functions in a similar manner to the Binance Smart Chain platform's original BakerySwap platform. We have incorporated some of the best user interface as well.

Connect wallet

To securely interact with the BakerySwap clone platform, users access the platform and link their Binance Smart Chain wallet (such as MetaMask).


Explore pools

Users can view information about each pool, such as the rewards and APY, by clicking on one of the "Explore Pools" buttons.


Liquidity or staking

In the third step users can choose to stake tokens in farming pools to earn rewards or they can choose to provide liquidity by depositing two tokens with equal values.


Earn rewards

After staking the tokens users begin earning rewards based on their participation in the form of the platform’s native token or other assets by offering liquidity or staking tokens.


Claim rewards

Users have the option to periodically claim and manage their rewards by either reinvesting them or withdrawing them to their wallets.



In the final step, they can withdraw their deposited tokens and received rewards at any time. To do so, they must finalize the transaction by confirming it on the Binance Smart Chain.

Build white label BakerySwap clone software on any platform

Dappfort BakerySwap clone software developers can create the clone script on a preferred platform or device.

  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  • Desktop
  • Web
  • Web

Why choose BakerySwap clone script development company like Dappfort?

Dappfort, a leading provider of Bakeryswap clone scripts development company that helps in creating Defi exchanges similar to Bakeryswap. Our team of expert blockchain developers builds and deploys web3-related products in accordance with the demands of business owners. Our Bakeryswap DeFi exchange clone platform has top-notch security features to ensure a secure transaction mode throughout the trading process. As a BakerySwap clone script development service provider it comes pre-configured with the most advanced AMM protocol and the highest level of security. When you use our BakerySwap clone script, staking APIs are available by default because they are built into the Binance Smart Chain.


Highly scalable solution


High-end security

Round-the-clock support

Round-the-clock support


Agile development method


Blockchain experts


On-time delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BakerySwap clone script development?

The BakerySwap clone is a ready made software with upgraded features and functions in accordance with the most recent trends because its main advantages are what make it so popular. It is a customizable exchange solution that is affordable.

Why choose Dappfort BakerySwap clone script for my Defi exchange business?

Dappfort is the top BakerySwap clone script development company, providing users with projects that are entirely qualified. We guarantee customer satisfaction at every stage of development. We deliver projects on time and offer support around the clock.

Can the Bakeryswap clone script be customized?

The entire script can be altered, allowing the business to develop the platform in accordance with its standards. Additionally, can develop a customized user experience.

How long does the platform take to develop and launch?

It won't take long because the script is already pre-built, although the length of the development process depends on how quickly the business needs to integrate new features, customize the design, or perform any platform optimizations.

What advantages come with using the white-label version of the BakerySwap clone script?

By choosing our clone script, you can gain a number of benefits, including instant deployment, high customization scope, cost-effectiveness, the ability to generate a high ROI, the presence of an impressive dashboard, the presence of exceptional features, and more.