Decentralised Supply Chain: Redefining Trust and Accountability

Imagine a world where every step of your product's journey can be traced with absolute certainty, where trust is built not through paperwork and contracts but through an unbreakable digital ledger. Welcome to the world of Decentralised logistics and supply chain management with blockchain technology's power. Are you ready to embrace the future of logistics with Web3?

The game-changing benefits of Decentralised Logistics and supply chain management


Traceability and Transparency

One of the primary benefits of Web3 in logistics and supply chain management is the ability to provide end-to-end traceability and transparency. Using blockchain-backed digital ledgers, Web3 can securely record and track every step of a product's journey, from raw materials to finished goods.

Decentralised Marketplaces

It also enables the creation of decentralised marketplaces, where buyers and sellers can transact directly without intermediaries. By eliminating mediators and streamlining transactions, Web3 marketplaces can reduce costs and increase efficiency in the supply chain.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are self-executing digital contracts; using smart contracts, Web3 can streamline and automate many aspects of logistics and supply chain management, such as procurement, shipping, and payment processing.
Quality control

Enhanced Security

Web3's blockchain technology also provides enhanced logistics and supply chain operations security. The decentralised nature of the blockchain makes it extremely difficult to tamper with or corrupt data, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure and protected.

Cost Reduction

Web3 can also reduce costs associated with logistics and supply chain operations. Businesses can reduce transaction costs and increase efficiency by automating processes and eliminating intermediaries. Decentralised marketplaces can also reduce transaction fees by eliminating the need for intermediaries.


It can help to promote sustainability in logistics and supply chain operations. By enabling end-to-end traceability and transparency, businesses can identify areas for improvement in the supply chain, such as reducing waste and improving energy efficiency.
Improved marketing

Improved Customer Experience

With Web3's end-to-end traceability and transparency, businesses can improve the customer experience by providing real-time updates on the status of orders and shipments. This level of transparency can help build customer trust and increase loyalty.
Less disruption

Increased Innovation

Web3 can drive innovation in logistics and supply chain operations by enabling new business models and opportunities. And it can facilitate the emergence of new suppliers and distributors, while smart contracts can enable new forms of collaboration and partnership between businesses.

Dappfort's industry-specific Decentralised supply chain use cases

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Pharmaceutical Industry

The pharmaceutical industry faces numerous challenges related to supply chain management, like counterfeit drugs, drug diversion, and product recalls. Dappfort's blockchain-based platform provides a secure and transparent supply chain network that enables stakeholders to track and trace the movement of drugs from the manufacturer to the end consumer.

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Food Industry

The food industry is highly regulated and faces various challenges, such as food safety, traceability, and supply chain inefficiencies. Dappfort's platform provides a secure and transparent supply chain network that enables businesses to track and trace the food products from the farm to the table.

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Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is highly complex, with numerous suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors involved in the supply chain. Dappfort's platform provides a secure and transparent supply chain network that enables businesses to trace the state of auto parts and components from the manufacturer to the end consumer. The platform also facilitates secure communication between different parties in the supply chain, reducing the risk of fraud and errors.

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Retail Industry

Dappfort's blockchain-based platform offers top-notch security and open nature supply chain network that enables stakeholders to monitor the state of products from the manufacturer to the end consumer. The platform also helps retailers to optimize their inventory management and logistics, reducing the risk of overstocking or understocking.

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Energy Industry

The energy industry faces numerous challenges related to supply chain management, such as asset tracking, compliance, and security. Dappfort's blockchain-based platform provides a transparent supply chain network that enables stakeholders to monitor the movement of energy assets, such as oil, gas, and renewable energy, from the manufacturer to the end consumer.

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E-commerce Industry

The e-commerce industry faces several challenges related to supply chain management, such as order fulfillment, inventory management, and delivery tracking. Dappfort's platform helps e-commerce businesses to optimize their inventory management and logistics, eliminating the risk of delays or errors in order fulfillment.

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Aerospace Industry

Dappfort's platform enables businesses and customers to follow up on aircraft parts and components moving from manufacturer to consumer. The platform also helps to ensure compliance with safety regulations and eliminates the risk of fake and fraudulent parts in the supply chain.

Innovative Web3.0 Logistics and Supply chain Management

We are a team of experienced developers who are passionate about decentralised supply chain management. We have a deep understanding of the Web 3 Industry and are always keeping up with the latest developments.
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Examples of Web3.0 Supply Chain management

Dappfort is committed to enhancing the concepts of the Blockchain technology with a real life use case. Not only in decentralised finance, we aspire Blockchain technology to be used in real life situations as much as possible, here are some of the examples of live Blockchain uses in supply chain management.

The success of Walmart Canada’s system has demonstrated the potential of blockchain. It has shown that the technology can generate significant operational and financial gains and improve supplier relations.

ADNOC - Commodity tracking
ADNOC - Commodity tracking

The Blockchain supply chain system pilot programme that monitors oil from the well to customers while automating transactions along the way has been successfully joined by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC). Companies can track commodities by completely deploying blockchain technology, they will be able to track every barrel of oil produced, cutting down on shipping time and expenses.

Blockchain Logistics solution
Blockchain Logistics solution

By selling a shipment of American soybeans to a retailer in China, one of the biggest food traders in the world, Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC), along with Dutch and French banks, carried out the first blockchain-based agricultural commodities exchange. The project was rated successful since it decreased costs and the amount of time it took to handle transactions and documents. Minimize tracking times through WEB 3 supply management.

Web 3 Quality Control
Web 3 Quality Control

Blockchain has been applied to quality control in manufacturing, but the problems of false defect detections and lack of data transparency remain. Dappfort’s web 3.0 framework aids Blockchain Quality Controller to overcome these limitations while fortifying data security.

Innovative examples of supply chain management


Walmart's deployment of web3 technology in logistics and supply chains is transforming the industry. Because of new and upgraded technology, Walmart can provide unparalleled visibility, precision, and efficiency in monitoring and transporting items. Clients gain from faster and more precise delivery timeframes, while the suppliers profit from better collaboration and communication.

ADNOC- Commodity tracking

The ADNOC Commodity Tracking on Web3 guarantees that commodities in the supply chain are tracked accurately, efficiently, and transparently. Utilizing this leading technology gives us the capabilities required to gain more control over the transportation of commodities and their associated expenses. With this technology, you can effortlessly monitor your commodities, streamline processes, and maximize supply chain efficiency.

Blockchain logistics solution

Dappfort's web3 blockchain logistics system provides a solid, safe, and dependable platform for Logistics and Supply Chain activities. It aids in the streamlining of procedures, the reduction of operating expenses, and the enhancement of visibility throughout the supply chain. You may instantly access real-time data and insights with the technology, allowing you to make educated decisions more quickly and accurately.

Web3 quality control

The success of Logistics and supply chain operations is dependent on quality control. Dappfort guarantees that your supply chain activities are consistent with industry standards and laws by utilizing best practices, sound processes, and forefront technology.

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Hire Web3 Team

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Hourly support
Hourly support

Dappfort understands the value of dependable, effective logistics and supply chain management. As a result, We are pleased to provide hourly assistance for all of your web3 requirements. Dappfort's professionals provide specialised, all-inclusive guidance and support, ensuring your operations stay profitable and cost-effective.

Exact Price
Exact Price

Understanding that cost management is crucial to any successful business, Dappfort is committed to providing precise and reliable pricing information. We work to ensure that our clients have access to the most current and accurate pricing for all of their logistics and supply chain requirements.

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System integration for logistics and supply chain companies

Blockchain technology
Automated warehouses

The development of web3 marked the beginning of an era in logistics and supply chain management. Automated warehouses are becoming increasingly popular as a cost-effective, efficient, and secure alternative for inventory storage, tracking, and management. Businesses may save time and money by using automated warehouses while guaranteeing that orders are completed precisely and on schedule.

Smart Contract
Demand forecasting

Demand forecasting on web3 is a vital aspect for modern enterprises. It helps businesses effectively estimate demand for their products and services while anticipating future trends. The full range of tools and information provided by Web3 is intended to assist Logistics and Supply Chain professionals in precisely forecasting demand and staying ahead of the competition.

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Improved customer experience

Businesses may now boost customer satisfaction by using the power of web3 technology in Logistics and Supply Chains. It helps organizations to simplify their procedures, improve visibility, and accelerate their operations. Furthermore, it assists organizations in providing superior client experiences that are both safe and cost-effective.

Artificial Intelligence
Logistics route optimization

Web3 Logistics and Supply Chain experts may now benefit from the most recent advancements in logistics route optimization. Users may now optimize routes for their logistical needs safely and effectively by utilizing web3's distributed ledger technology. Users may cut logistical expenses and increase supply chain performance by leveraging the power of web3 with smart algorithms.

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Smart inventory management

Web3's smart inventory management may transform how you manage your logistics and supply chain operations. Dappfort's web3 platform offers innovative, automated solutions to increase productivity and lower expenses. To remain ahead of the competition, easily manage your inventory, track demand, and improve procedures.

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