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Tokenised eCommerce

Web3 eCommerce has transformed how companies connect with their consumers. Businesses may now provide greater security and faster, more easy payments to their consumer's thanks to tokenised solutions. Tokenised solutions enable users to securely retain payment information and make more efficient payments, assisting companies in lowering processing costs and increasing customer satisfaction.

Metaverse Experience

It is redefining the purchasing experience. Providing clients with a safe, quick, and simple buying experience by utilizing the power of Metaverse. Web3’s cutting-edge technology allows clients to buy items and services with trust, speed, and convenience.

Gamifying Experience

Gamifying your web3 eCommerce experience is an excellent method to boost engagement and reach out to new clients. It contributes to a more engaging, thrilling, and satisfying buying experience. You may reward customers for their loyalty, give them incentives to buy more, and boost their overall pleasure by gamifying the buying process.

Cryptocurrency Payment

Cryptocurrency payments provide a safe, quick, and cost-effective payment solution for web3 eCommerce enterprises. Customers may safely pay for goods and services via bitcoin payments, eliminating the need for third-party processing. Payments are also processed straight from the customer's wallet, making it easier. When compared to traditional payment methods, this provides a faster and more cost-effective manner of transacting.

AI in eCommerce

The development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in web3 eCommerce has transformed the sector. AI-powered capabilities like automated workflow optimisation, inventory management optimisation, and targeted marketing campaigns have assisted eCommerce organisations in increasing productivity and revenues. Consumers benefit from tailored product suggestions, greater search capabilities, and an improved user experience as well.

Customer Acquisition

Customer acquisition is a critical component of any web3 eCommerce business's success. You can increase traffic to your website, raise brand recognition, and turn visitors into loyal customers with the correct techniques. We will apply the expertise and experience to develop a successful client acquisition strategy adapted to your company's objectives, allowing you to grow and succeed.

Supply chain tracking

It has never been easier to track the supply chain of eCommerce. Dappfort’s comprehensive, end-to-end tracking system allows you to trace every step of your product's journey, from the time it leaves the factory to the time it arrives at your customer's door. With visibility across the supply chain, you can be confident that your items will arrive on time and in pristine shape.

Online and B2B Payments

Online B2B payments are critical for web3 eCommerce enterprises to secure transaction completion. With the robust online payment system, you may safely and rapidly send and receive payments from anywhere and at any time. No matter how large or small the transaction, Dappfort’s system provides a safe, dependable, and effective way to handle payments.

Features of web3 eCommerce

Neglects the mediators

Neglecting the mediators in web3 eCommerce might have a major effect on the success of your eCommerce business. It is critical that these intermediaries be not disregarded and that their functions are critical to the success of your eCommerce business. By properly engaging and utilizing the mediators, you can ensure a smooth and successful experience for your customers.

Secure than ever

Dappfort’s first goal at web3 eCommerce is security. Utilizing forefront encryption technology and authentication mechanisms to provide industry-leading data protection. Furthermore, we constantly monitor for possible attacks and take proactive security measures to protect the systems.

P2P network

A peer-to-peer (P2P) network is a valuable technology in web3 eCommerce for facilitating quick and secure transactions between buyers and sellers. This network enables users to communicate directly, removing the need for a middleman such as a typical financial institution. Users can rely on this network to keep their payments safe and secure, as well as their personal information protected.

User privacy and anonymity

Dappfort is dedicated to protecting and respecting consumers' privacy. We recognize the significance of maintaining user anonymity and privacy while conducting online transactions. To inform the users and establish the bar for how we will use, keep, and secure their personal information, have developed a detailed privacy policy. And makes every effort to protect all user data using the greatest levels of security and encryption available.

Transparency at its peak

We are committed to offering a more transparent purchasing experience to consumers as web3 eCommerce evolves. Making every effort to provide the clients with accurate and up-to-date information on the products and services we provide. And committed to fostering trust and offering complete transparency to the consumers.

Excellent performance

Good performance within web3 eCommerce is key for any business to succeed. As a web3 eCommerce business, it is essential to ensure that your performance is consistently at its best. By focusing on customer experience, optimisation of product and content, and monitoring of analytics and metrics, you can ensure that your business remains successful.

More personalised

We understand the value of personalisation in web3 eCommerce. Aims to give the customers the most personalised and tailored solution possible. Dappfort’s platform provides a genuinely personalised web3 eCommerce experience with easy design, powerful capabilities, and smooth execution.

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Web3 Commerce Development

A High-Potential Source of Income

Royalties from search advertisers


web3 technologies enable businesses to tokenize their assets and create new revenue streams. By issuing tokens, businesses can offer their customers new ways to invest in their products or services, potentially earning returns on their investments.
Royalties from banner advertisers

Decentralised marketplaces

Web3 eCommerce enables the creation of decentralised marketplaces, which can offer lower fees and greater transparency than traditional marketplaces. By creating or participating in decentralised marketplaces, businesses can potentially earn additional revenue through sales commissions or other transaction fees.
VPN and firewall security for rent

Cryptocurrency payments

Accepting cryptocurrency payments can offer several benefits to businesses, such as lower transaction fees and faster settlement times. Additionally, businesses can potentially earn returns on the cryptocurrency they receive, depending on market conditions.
Downloading backup data at some price


Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a type of token that represent unique digital assets such as artwork, music, or video. By creating and selling NFTs, businesses can potentially earn revenue from the sale of their digital assets.
Charge for the news feed

Decentralised finance (DeFi)

web3 technologies enable the creation of decentralised financial applications, or DeFi. By participating in DeFi, businesses can potentially earn returns on their investments or earn revenue through providing liquidity or other services.
Licensing system

VPN and firewall security for rent

You may charge a monthly fee for your Virtual Private Network (VPN) and firewall security to generate cash for your web3 eCommerce. The fees may vary each month or year, depending on your preferences.
Rent for ads blocker

Licensing system

You may provide your users a licence key with lifetime access and sell them for a fee in dollars by emailing them a licenced key to their email address.
Paid third party cookies

Downloading backup data at some price

You can set up a certain amount of payment on your web3 eCommerce to retrieve their backup data. Consumers that are ready to cancel one of their web3 eCommerce accounts may be able to recover their data at a cost.
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Dappfort web3 development process

Planning and Design

This involves understanding the requirements, selecting the appropriate blockchain platform, designing the user interface, and outlining the system's functional requirements.


This involves integrating the blockchain into the platform, building the front-end and back-end, and ensuring seamless functionality.

This involves testing the platform for bugs and performance issues, launching the platform, and deploying it to the server environment.

Testing and Deployment

This involves ongoing maintenance and support of the platform, including regular updates, bug fixes, and user support.

Maintenance and Support

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Our services

Web3 Browser

—Web3 powered web browsers are one of such effective use cases of this domain. Brave has already proved data privacy and decentralisation can be truly discrete while being profitable to every party. Who doesn’t want a WIN-WIN situation?

Web3 Gaming

—Web3 gaming may be a process of decentralised gaming where the activities of a gaming ecosystem or a gaming platform, specifically that of the ownership of gaming assets and decision-making altogether aspects of gaming, are delegated faraway from any central authority.

Web3 Storage

—A decentralised web3 cloud storage system may be a file storing platform with an open and distributed architecture that does not require multiple servers in order to store, retrieve or replicate data.

web3 Banking

—Decentralised web3 finance eliminates the need for a centralised finance model by enabling anyone to use financial services anywhere regardless of who or where they are. DeFi applications give users more control over their money through personal wallets and trading services that cater to individuals.

Web3 eCommerce

—Web3 commerce is a new digital universe that uses blockchain technology and blockchain concepts such as decentralisation and token-based economy to enhance user experiences. web3 commerce decentralised nature removes “Big Tech” and any such intermediary from the equation. This is what makes web3 appealing.

Web3 Wallet

—Web3 possesses De-Fi being a child of the web3 domain, setting up a payment solutions has never been this easy. A decentralised, Secure, Robust and fast payment solution that has properly migrated from outdated Web2’s fintech solutions.

Web3 Event
Management Development

—The web3 event management development is a great way to make your events more efficient and reach more people. If you're looking for a way to streamline your event management, this is the best approach for you. To identify the most appropriate web3 solutions for your goal.

Web3 Education

—The user can have an experience of getting into the virtual spaces and they can have a teaching experience very interactively with the use of Artificial Intelligence. It is becoming increasingly clear that the internet is not just a source of information - it is a platform for education in itself. With the rise of online learning tools and platforms

Web3 Real Estate

—We are a team of experienced developers who are passionate about decentralised Real estate management. If you're seeking a creative, driven web3 Real estate market business. We are pleased to talk about your needs and determine how we can support you in achieving your objectives.

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