Decentralised Insurance : A frontier for the Industry and insure with ease.

Insurance is no longer just about protecting against the unexpected. Web3, it's about creating a seamless, secure, and customised experience for every customer. Say bye to the complexities of traditional insurance and hello to a new era of decentralised, transparent, and automated coverage. Get ready to be insured in the 21st century with Web3.

Discovering the power of Decentralised Insurance System



Web3 can clarify the insurance process by creating a tamper-proof and auditable ledger of all transactions. This helps ensure that all parties involved in the insurance process have access to the same information and reduces the risk of fraud.
No Third Party access


It provides high security and trust through cryptography and consensus algorithms. This helps build trust between insurers and customers, reducing the risk of disputes and increasing customer satisfaction.
Easily Accessible

Data management

Web3 helps secure and efficient customer data management, enabling insurers to provide personalised and targeted services based on individual customer needs and preferences.


It constantly evolves, with new use cases and applications being developed regularly. This allows insurers to stay at the forefront of innovation, providing customers with cutting-edge products and services.
No Third Party access

P2P Insurance

Web3 enables the creation of P2P insurance models, where individuals can form groups and pool resources to insure against common risks. This helps reduce dependence on traditional insurance providers and can result in more cost-effective and customisable insurance solutions.
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Enables microinsurance, which involves providing insurance products to low-income individuals or those who do not have access to traditional insurance. It also helps reduce the administrative costs involved in microinsurance, making it more viable for insurers.

Immutable records

It provides the capability of creating immutable records that cannot be altered or deleted. This can be particularly useful in the insurance sector, where forms of policyholder information, claims, and settlements can be stored securely and transparently.
No Third Party access

Fraud prevention

Web3 helps prevent insurance fraud by providing a secure and transparent transaction platform. Smart contracts can be programmed to automatically flag any suspicious activity, reducing the risk of fraudulent claims.
Easily Accessible

Cross-border transactions

It facilitates cross-border insurance transactions by providing a secure and efficient international payment and settlement platform.

Dappfort's industry-specific Decentralised supply chain use cases

Web3.0 Adventure Gaming
Supply Chain and Logistics

Dappfort offers insurance solutions for the supply chain and logistics industry, which covers the loss or damage of goods during transportation. The insurance policy is triggered automatically when a shipment is delayed or damaged during transit, and the payment is settled in real-time using blockchain technology.

Web3.0 Racing Gaming

Dappfort offers insurance solutions for the agricultural sector that covers crop damage, livestock loss, and other agriculture-related risks. The insurance policy is automatically applied based on predetermined conditions, weather or disease outbreaks, and payment is settled in real-time.

Web3.0 Action Gaming
Health Care

It offers insurance solutions for the healthcare industry that covers medical expenses, accidents, and other healthcare-related risks. The policy is applied automatically when a medical event occurs.

Web3.0 Real Time Strategy Gaming
Real Estate

Dappfort offers an insurance solution for the real estate industry that covers property damage, theft, and liability. The policy is applied when something happens, and payment is settled using blockchain technology.

Web3.0 Multiplayer Online Battle Arena

It provides solutions for the energy industry that covers loss or damage to equipment, accidents, and liability. These terms and conditions are automatically issued when an event occurs and payment is settled using blockchain.

Web3.0 Party Gaming

They offer insurance solutions for cybersecurity businesses that cover data breaches, cyber-attacks, and other cybersecurity-related risks. Dappfort's cybersecurity insurance also includes risk management and mitigation services to help enterprises to reduce their exposure to cyber threats.

Innovative Web3.0 ideas for your insurance business

We are a team of experienced developers who are passionate about decentralised insurance management. We have a deep understanding of the Web 3 Industry and are always keeping up with the latest developments.
Our Enterprise eCommerce platform is based on modern technology that allows us to deliver a superior experience in all areas: speed, reliability, security, and customer experience. We understand that your business is unique, and so are your customers. You don't want to be stuck with a platform that can't keep up with your growth.
We are dedicated to giving our customers the best products and services possible. Please get in touch with us if you're seeking a creative, driven web 3.0 Insurance business. We are pleased to talk about your needs and determine how we can support you in achieving your objectives.

Web 3.0 Insurance : Transforming the Insurance Industry with Decentralised Trust

Web3 insurance is the solution for digital peace of mind. Dappfort's coverage, which is tailored to individuals and corporations, guarantees that your digital assets, including data, hardware, and software, are protected against losses. Web3 insurance offers dependable security for your digital investments through various configurable alternatives.

Venture capitalism

Venture investors increasingly focus on web3 insurance, recognising the technology's profitable potential and investing appropriately. Web3 insurance, with its extensive coverage and decentralised network, provides a unique chance to insure and safeguard assets securely and efficiently. And they were further expanded with venture money, giving businesses and consumers a reliable and cost-effective alternative to managing their insurance needs.

Revised regulations

Dappfort's team is glad to report that amended regulations for the web3 insurance program have been implemented. These modifications are aimed at guaranteeing that web3 insurance client receive the best possible service and protection. Dappfort's amended standards have been developed to be thorough and by all applicable state and federal regulations.

Innovative products and services

We at Dappfort are dedicated to offering customers the most innovative insurance products and services available, products and services are intended to suit the clients' evolving demands while providing the most significant degree of protection and customer care. And we are committed to providing the most excellent products, services, and advice to suit your insurance needs.

Increased market opportunity

The web3 insurance sector has a unique chance to broaden its reach and enter new markets. With its novel approach to insurance, it is well-positioned to capitalise on the shifting terrain and the possibilities of the Web 3 age. Also, it can contribute to a more safe and more efficient insurance market by embracing emerging technology.

Web 3.0 insurance

We believe it's time for insurers to pay attention. Venture capitalists are increasing their investments in crypto infrastructure and Web3 companies. The industry refers to Web3 as a new version of the Internet that is inspired by blockchain technology, often with the purpose of enabling decentralised processes and decision-making.
Venture Capitalism
Venture Capitalism

Venture capital investment in companies that are part of the Web3 economy grew. Now the Web 3.0 funding is focused on building the emerging financial infrastructure around digital assets particularly trading, exchange services, investing, and lending. In parallel, institutional adoption is growing. Dappfort helps Web 3 start ups to bring their ideas into reality and find the perfect investors.

Revised regulations
Revised regulations

Insurance Regulators are also beginning to provide more clarity around Web 3.0's new regulations adopting more decentralization, with a wider range of approaches across countries. Web 3.0's key priority is to regulate digital assets and cryptocurrencies, with a focus on balancing responsible innovation with mitigating risks around customer and investor protection, national security, financial stability, and climate change.

Innovative products and services
Innovative products and services

Web3.0 and blockchain-based technology offers exciting new possibilities to innovate across the value added service and create new customer value propositions. Using Web3 enables transparency, fully permissionless contracts, and makes it easy and more cost-effective to offer low denomination policies. Web3 is often described as a way of shifting power away from centralised authorities by enabling users to own and govern assets in a collective, decentralised manner. Decentralised autonomous organizations are entities that are governed by their members through rules enforced digitally, based on the votes of members on the blockchain.

Increased Market opportunity
Increased Market opportunity

There is a significant market opportunity for insurers to provide coverage for the Web3 economy, assuming the risks can be managed prudently. Web3 Insurance can also play an important role in broader adoption of Web3. Increasing the safety and security of Web3 could make it more accessible to mainstream consumers. The evolving landscape of Web3 assets and liabilities that can be insured ranging from health to automobiles is expected to increase the coverage. An increasing number of retail and institutional investors have Web3 assets in their portfolios which are waiting to be insured.

Experience excellence in development with Dappfort's result-oriented engagement models

Hire Web3 Team
Hire Web3 Team

Dappfort recognises how critical hiring a professional and experienced team is to secure your company's success. Dappfort's team is highly trained in web3 insurance, offering complete solutions tailored to your requirements. You may be confident that your web3 insurance procedures will be handled with the highest care and attention by the team of specialists.

Hourly support
Hourly support

Dappfort's clients can now get hourly help with the expert team of specialists accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you; the experienced and friendly team would be happy to answer any questions about the services provided. Dappfort is dedicated to providing you with the best possible service so that you may have a worry-free insurance experience.

Exact Price
Exact Price

For all your insurance needs, Dappfort's services give a precise and accurate pricing structure, working hard to ensure you get the greatest value and coverage for your unique situation. Dappfort's explicit price guarantees that you know precisely what you're paying for and get the best coverage. You will discover the correct insurance for you by providing a comprehensive choice of services and ranges to meet your specific needs.

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Offering system integration for Insurance companies

Blockchain technology
Payment processing software

Web3 insurance relies heavily on payment processing. Dappfort's program is intended to provide a secure and dependable platform for making payments in a timely and safe manner; the software keeps track of all charges and provides a simplified, effective payment processing solution. With this software, you can confidently process payments, knowing the transaction will be safe and quick.

Smart Contract
Claims processing software

Web3 insurance recognises the need for dependable and effective claims processing software. That is why Dappfort provides a full range of software solutions to help simplify claims processing and assure results accuracy. While this software is safe, simple to use, and may help you save time and money. This software enables individuals and businesses to handle, monitor, and analyse claims quickly and effectively.

Cryptocurrency Wallet
Commission software

It introduced commission software to assist clients in achieving the most outstanding results possible. Dappfort's commission software offers a clear and straightforward overview of the items and services provided; clients may use the program to assess the details of each product and make educated purchasing selections quickly. And enables web3 insurance to give clients the finest service possible.

Artificial Intelligence
Insurance policy management

Web3 provides its customers with a comprehensive and user-friendly policy management solution for their insurance needs. Dappfort's solution is intended to simplify insurance policy management and make it easier for clients to maintain track of their policies. Customers can access and manage their policies from a single page using the policy management system, making keeping current on their insurance coverage simple and efficient.

Non-Fungible Token
Commercial insurance software

They provide comprehensive commercial insurance software that is suited to the needs of organisations of all sizes. Dappfort's platform is designed to allow clients to effortlessly modify their coverage, allowing them to discover the most cost-effective way to safeguard their business. Customers may quickly manage their policy online using the user-friendly interface, providing them with the necessary peace of mind.

Non-Fungible Token
Inspection software

Dappfort's sophisticated platform delivers the most precise, safe, and dependable data on the market, allowing you to swiftly analyse the insurance coverage of your policyholders. Individuals and businesses can immediately notice any differences and make the appropriate modifications using Web3 Insurance's inspection tools to guarantee your policyholders receive the required coverage. Dappfort's software is also built to safeguard your data, with robust security features to keep your information safe and secure.

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